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    Four Tops "7-Rooms Of Gloom" Video Question

    Hey SD!

    Pulled out the fantastic Four Tops "Reach Out" DVD the other day to see how my new speakers sounded and ended up watching it for the 714th time. I seriously think it may be the best one of the series, though I still don't have the Smokey & The Miracles one.

    I was wondering: does anyone know whose house it was that was used for the "7-Rooms Of Gloom" promo?

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    uptight Guest
    I'm 95 percent sure the unused promo was filmed in one of the houses bought for the Motown complex on West Grand Boulevard that became office space. There were seven houses (including the Hitsville recording studio) on one side of the street and finally an eighth house across the street. In 1968, the company's headquarters moved to more professional digs, a 10-story building in downtown Detroit.

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    Ah! That would make perfect sense, certainly more sense than my idea.

    Somewhere I have the "Standing In The Shadows Of Motown" book but I haven't been able to find it. In that book I remember there being a picture of James Jamerson's house, and when watching that "7-Rooms" promo it struck me that the exterior shot reminded me of the pic in the book. Of course, now I am unable to find my book and compare and it's bugging the hell out of me! Still, I'm sure I'm wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uptight View Post
    There were seven houses (including the Hitsville recording studio) on one side of the street and finally an eighth house across the street.
    Actually, I'm wondering if the Google street view can solve this for me using your info above. It's obvious which house was THE Motown building, can anyone tell me what the other addresses were?

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    uptight Guest
    Hooray for Google Maps. Type in the address for Motown Museum. And you can virtually walk down the block using the "street view." While conducting an A/B comparison between Google Maps and the Four Tops DVD, you see the house in the video is just four buildings east of the museum. There is a tree stump shown in the Google Maps picture where there was a tree in the video. All other trees in the video are gone now, too.

    btw: my DVD replacement of the faulty disc is finicky. After playing around with it, I got it passed the Universal Music logo (phew!).

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    YES! You are awesome, uptight! The absence of that tree definitely threw me off.


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