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    Fifth Dimension's 1975 Earthbound Album finally set for CD re-issue!

    The Fifth Dimension sang their way to success with great hits including their first big hit with Jimmy Webb's Up Up And Away. In 1975, the original lineup teamed once again with Webb to record 1975's Earthbound for ABC Records. That vinyl album has finally cleared all legal hurdles and Real Gone Music will issue it on CD come April 29. It was also the final album with the original group. Real Gone will include two bonus tracks including the original version of Love Hangover. Webb produced and arranged the record and wrote half of its songs. The CD is remastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision, with liner notes by Joe Marchese of The Second Disc.

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    Hot damn! I love this album and finally glad to see it get remastered and officially released on CD.

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    Was "Love Hangover" on this album? I thought both Marilyn and Billy were gone when this song was released?

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    Looks like the CD reissue was pushed back to June 3rd.

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    Get back to us when the release is out...

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    Lulu Guest
    Apparently, "Love Hangover" has been dropped from this release. You can still hear both versions over on YouTube and convert them if you wish. To my knowledge, neither the single or the 12" version have ever been released aside from their respective singles.

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    Lulu--that isn't what happened. Love Hangover was recorded after Earthbound.

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    Can anyone who has this cd tell us about the sound quality? Since the masters for this album is alleged to have been destroyed in the universal fire, they likely had to copy it from vinyl pressings.

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    CDs still coming out in April and maybe even as late as June??????????? Sounds like Christmas will come early this year!

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    Quote Originally Posted by daviddesper View Post
    CDs still coming out in April and maybe even as late as June??????????? Sounds like Christmas will come early this year!
    Keep in mind that this post is nearly 6 years old.

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    Did not catch that detail!!!!!!!!!!

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    I think Earthbound was the 5th's greatest achievement.

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    The 5th's "Love Hangover" (1976) was a non-album track. Earthbound (1975) was the last album with Marilyn and Billy.
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