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Linda Ronstadt Confronts Mike Pompeo, Says He Should “Stop Enabling Donald Trump”

https://www.spin.com/2019/12/linda-ronstadt-confronts-mike-pompeo-stop-enabling-donald-trump-at-kennedy-honors-dinner/?fbclid=IwAR0w3KSG_jLQbIRlvUS52YstCROXR18YGB5i4BEd xMXMVZ9UKi5pIs1wyBI

Linda Ronstadt is set to receive one of this year’s Kennedy Center Honors, and in the hours before the ceremony Sunday night—which also airs on CBS on December 15— the vocalist had some strong words for Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Ronstadt confronted Pompeo at a State Department reception for Kennedy Center Honorees on Saturday night, asking when he plans to “stop enabling Donald Trump,” as Variety reports.
Pompeo started the night with a pre-dinner welcoming address, where in an attempted homage to Ronstadt, he quoted her 1975 cover of the Everly Brothers’ “When Will I Be Loved.” “As I travel the world, I wonder when I will be loved,” he told the crowd.
After the dinner, Ronstadt approached the microphone to make her optional address, where she chided Pompeo for his support for the current sitting president. “I’d like to say to Mr. Pompeo, who wonders when he’ll be loved, it’s when he stops enabling Donald Trump,” she said, returning to her seat. Attendees reportedly gasped, applauded, and eventually cheered for Ronstadt following the remark.
The Kennedy Center Honors take place Sunday night at the building of their namesake in Washington, D.C. Ronstadt is one of a number of renowned entertainers set to receive awards that night including Sally Field, Earth, Wind, and Fire, conductor Michael Wilson Thomas, and the creators of the long-running TV show Sesame Street. President Donald Trump will reportedly not be in attendance, and also skipped the last two iterations of the annual ceremony.

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RARE- Should I Tell Them- The VELVELETTES video clip from 1965

This was posted on the main board by Soulpassion, but thought that it would be even more appreciated here.
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Motown Promos etc....

Does anyone know why there are so many versions of promos issued for each single ...ie..normal white label promo with original Bside...white label promo with the same song on both sides mono and stereo in some cases...audition copy....red wax with the same song on both sides....one sided promo with a blank B side...and theres prob more i have missed...its always puzzled me.
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Part K - Phil Spector - "56th Anniversary Of The Philles Christmas LP - Part 2"

Here are some much-improved photos of my Philles Christmas 45 Collection:

Original 1963 Philles Release:

Attachment 16630

Attachment 16631
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The Temptations LPs, 1980 and beyond

After having seen the Broadway musical 'Ain't Too Proud' I went on a Tempts LP listening binge. The group has a solid post-1980 LP discography; I'm wondering what we think of those LPs?
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What 1980 Disco Song ReIntroduced The Five Stairsteps Under A New Name?

Just a fun trivia challenge ---

The Chicago based family group , The Five Stairsteps , would've basically been a one (big) hit wonder with the success of their O-O-H CHILD song in 1970. (#8 Hot 100, #14 Soul)

Except they reemerged in 1980 , enjoying success with a new sound using a different group name.

That Top 10 R&B ( #45 Hot 100) song was: ______?? by _____ ???

( And yes they also did have their first Top Ten Soul hit , FROM US TO YOU in 1976 as The StairSteps)


Ralph Terrana

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