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Motown Misprints

The "Marveletts" Sing - LP, 1962 is one example of a printing error; on some of Mary Wilson's "Red Hot" 45, it says "From the Upcoming Album, Mary MARTIN".

Can you think of any others?
04-30-2023 05:08 PM

Bobby Darin - Motown Years 1970 to 1973

In the late 60s and early 70s Motown signed several well established acts but then sort of took their eye off the ball resulting in frustration. True that a lot was happening at once with the move to LA and entering the film industry with "Lady Sings The Blues". Nevertheless there were some fantastic tracks from artists such as Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, Bobby Darin and to a lesser extent Sammy Davis Jr and Lesley Gore.

Thankfully, in the case of Bobby Darin, material that had long been vaulted has been made available over the years - mainly thanks to Joe Marchesse & co [[e.g. Andy Skurrow) who've made it possible for these tracks to see release on CD. The Real Gone CDs have wonderful liner notes as well and are well worth looking up. In particular, "Another Song On My Mind" includes a great resume of Darin's Motown career - much of this can still be seen on the Real Gone website -


You can see the full CD artwork here -


And here are the covers for Darin's Motown albums / CDs


Please advise of any errors


Recorded - 6 February 1971 Live at The Desert Inn [[Renamed “Finally” but still unreleased at the time)

M1183 – 17 April 1971
A Melodie
B Someday We'll Be Together

M1193 – November 1971
A Simple Song Of Freedom
B I'll Be Your Baby Tonight

M1203 – 2 June 1972
A Sail Away
B Hard Headed Woman

M753 ALBUM AUGUST 1972 – Bobby Darin

M1212 – Promo 3 November 1972 [[withdrawn)
A Average People [[mono)
B Average People [[stereo)

M1212 – 3 November 1972 [[probably a bootleg)
A Average People
B Something In Her Love

M1217 – 20 November 1972
A Happy [[Love Theme From "Lady Sings The Blues")
B Something In Her Love

Bobby Darin died 20 December 1973

M813 ALBUM February 1974 – Darin 1936-1973

PR4 [[PROMO EP) - 1974
A1 If I Were A Carpenter
A2 Moritat [[Mack The Knife)
B1 Blue Monday
B2 Happy [[Love Theme From "Lady Sings The Blues")

MW3014 – 1974 [[UK & EU)
A Blue Monday
B Moritat [[Mack The Knife)

M5185 ALBUM July 1981 – Darin 1936–1973 re-issued with 5 tracks having different mixes.

MCD09070MD CD 1987 – Live At The Desert Inn [[first ever issue)

MOTD -5185 CD 1989 – Darin 1936–1973 first issue on CD.

3746351852 CD 1991 – Darin 1936-1973 CD re-issue

NTD-6509-2 CD 2005 – Live At The Desert Inn [[re-issue / remaster / 2 extra tracks “Work Song” and “Beyond The Sea”.

RGM-0440 2xCD 6 May 2016 – Another Song On My Mind [[Real Gone Music)

RGM-0714 CD 13 July 2018 – Go Ahead And Back Up [[Real one Music)
02-29-2024 04:13 PM

Tell me all about Limmie and the Family Cookin'

I am listening to my local radio station's daily Soul Power Lunch Hour and they just played a song called "You Can Do Magic" by Limmie and the Family Cookin.' What do we know about them?

First of all it did not sound very "soulful" to me. I would put it more in the old girl group mode, or maybe the Mac and Katie Kissoon style. At any rate I found it interesting.

Any CD collection out there by this group so I can explore further?

Same station is now playing Kellee Patterson's take on Barry White's I'm Gonna Love You a Little Bit Longer and you KNOW you don't hear that every day!

If interested, tune in any weekday from 12 to 1 Eastern time online at WQSV-FM 106.3. They play some awesomely obscure stuff.
02-29-2024 06:57 AM

Luther Vandross' first two albums to be reissued!

Luther's first two albums, "Luther" and "This Close To You" will be reissued on vinyl, CD and digital, in April and June respectively.

They can be pre-ordered from the official Luther Vandross store [other retailers to follow].


The track "Funky Music [Is A Part of Me]" is now available on digital platforms.

I had no idea until today that Luther had two solo albums before "Never Too Much"! Putting aside the background work he had done for Bowie, etc., I had incorrectly thought his first real recordings were those early records he sang lead on for "Change"!
02-27-2024 07:54 PM

Upcoming Martha Reeves Fundraiser in Plymouth, Michigan

Hopefully some forum members will be able to attend this upcoming event in Plymouth, Michigan early March. Details in the story below.

This will greatly help her upcoming celebration for the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Yesterday 01:39 PM

Cliff sings Hey Girl [[not the Norman Whitfield song lol)

We've had threads on Cliff Richard before - some like him, some don't.

Some will love his version of "Hey Girl" - The Temptations song - from his TV show "It's Cliff" of 31st January 1970 and some obviously won't. That's life innit. Personally for me it's right nice.



Ralph Terrana

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