Today 03:42 PM

Gordy 7028B - Just Let Me Know - Temptations

I was listening for a change today to my Meet the Temptations CD and heard a fabulous Temptations song. It was the "B" side of the Way You Do the Things You Do. The song is JUST LET ME KNOW. That in my opinion should have been the "A" side as it is greater in my opinion than the Way You Do the Things You Do. I researched it and discovered that Paul Williams was the lead singer on the song which was produced by the one and only Berry Gordy.

Listen to it if you haven't or don't recall. You will like it very much.
Today 03:27 PM

Marvin & "tammi" (valerie)

The EASY album should've been released as MARVIN & VALERIE with notes saying the two songs Tammi was on. But to perpetrate such a fraud is pathetic.
Today 03:45 PM

Singin' Sammy Ward

Might anyone know any biographical facts about Singin' Sammy Ward? I tried Wiki but it was not very helpful. thanks to everyone in advance!
Today 01:45 PM

Phil Spector - Part B - "Complete Philles LP Discography"

Welcome Wall-Of-Sound fans to Part B of the Phil Spector threads -- the "Complete Philles LP Discography"! It's taken longer than expected to prepare, but I've made it as complete as possible including Artist/LP titles listed by Philles catalog #, as well as tracklists with respective YouTube video soundclips. As a special treat, I've also included photos of each front and back LP cover as well as photos of Side A and Side B of each vinyl LP disc and label-copy from my own personal Philles LP collection. A big round of applause is in order for my good buddy Kenny (Kenneth) who has graciously offered (succumbed!) to post the Philles photos for me. I hope you'll all enjoy reliving the musical power and magnificence of Phil Spector's Philles Records.
Today 02:52 PM

Marvin & Tammi: What You Gave Me

Maybe there is no definitive answer, but I hope someone knows -- was that Tammi Terrell singing on the duet of "What You Gave Me"? Some sources are saying that it's Valerie Simpson. It surely sounds like Tammi to me.
Today 10:02 AM

Question for Keith Hughes- The Lewis Sisters "My World Is Crumbling"

Years ago, a collector made me a tape of "rare Motown" and it included a version of The Lewis Sisters composition, "My World Is Crumbling". It was recorded in Detroit with The Funk Brothers, it was easily the best thing by The Lewis Sisters at Motown...and it was incomplete. Do you know if this song is in the vaults in its entirety? The music track alone is one of the most incredible performances I ever heard.


Ralph Terrana

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