Today 01:01 AM

Lyric line(s) that make you go WOW!

I had to go for a drive this morning and I decided to burn a few cds to listen to on the way. One was Tempts vs Tops and the other was Supremes vs Marvelettes.

Today was one of those days where I listened more intently to the lyrics and was floored by some of them.

I'll Turn to Stone:
I would be like a statue in the park
Cold and alone like a man without a heart

Love Child:
Don't think that I don't need you
Don't think I don't want to please you
But no child of mine will be bearin'
The name of shame I been wearin."

Ask the Lonely:
The young and foolish laugh at love
So they run away
Confident and sure that fate
Will bring another love their way

My Whole World Ended:
How can I face tomorrow,
When yesterday is all I see?
I just don't wanna face tomorrow, if you're not sharing it with me.

Wow, some great stuff there.
What are some of your picks?
Yesterday 11:57 PM

Your 5 Favorite Songs by The Miracles

What are you 5 favorite songs by The Miracles? Mine are:

Bad Girl
Baby, Baby Don't Cry
Who's Gonna Take the Blame
Do It Baby
Track of My Tears
Yesterday 11:54 PM

Songs That You Absolutely Hated.......and Still Do!

We talk a lot about songs we love, but what about the ones that just got on your @$%^^&& nerves and you hated them? Here are a few of mine:

Dead Skunk - Loudon Wainwright III

Today 12:22 AM

Dionne's new album, "She's Back"

I was really excited to get Dionne's new CD, "She's Back" in the mail on Friday, but my excitement waned significantly when I listened to it. I was quite disappointed, not necessarily at or by Dionne, who at 78 years old, still sounds pretty good, but more so by the annoying arrangements of the songs. Sadly, Dionne is not the star on many of the songs. Instead, the "star" - and I use that word quite sarcastically - is the heavy, overly loud percussion and drum programming that dominates the songs. It's as if the downbeat and percussion is mixed way up front at a higher volume than the rest of the instruments and Dionne's voice, and in some instances, it is all you hear. It's actually quite frustrating. Annoying as hell.

I guess the goal was to make Dionne current, but in my humble opinion, it is a big mistake. Dionne is a classic artist with a classic, totally identifiable voice and style. I believe fans wanted a classic Dionne album, rather than this one, which actually had the potential to be quite good if the producers had known what they were doing. Dionne did not need to be made current, if that is what the heavy drum and percussion programming was meant to accomplish.

Also, I find it interesting that they included her "Dionne Sings Dionne" album as a bonus disc. Why??? What's the point of that? That one was a big flop when it originally came out, and it still isn't very good.

Please do not get me wrong. I love Dionne Warwick. I have been a fan for 50+ years and have all of her albums. I was excited that she was putting out a new album and looked forward to hearing Dionne as she is best... mellow, smooth, flowing. That is not what we get with "She's Back." The producers of this one screwed up.

Other thoughts? Opinions?
Today 01:14 AM

Bonnie Pointer ‎- Bonnie Pointer (aka The Purple Album)

This was Bonnie's second Motown album released in 1979. It contained mostly upbeat covers of classic Motown hits from the 60s, but the one original song on the album was the absolute standout for me. "Deep Inside My Soul" the fourth song on this collection should have been a single. I have never heard her sound this great. Check it out:


Ralph Terrana

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