Today 02:32 PM

2020 - Any news of a Motown release?

As we enter 2020, have we finally emptied the well of 60s recordings?
Any news of 'special' projects on the 60s era?
I guess we will get a 1970 unreleased set, but are there no projects from Ace/ Kent etc?
Today 12:26 PM
Today 12:20 AM

What happened to the ashford & simpson thread ?

There was an interesting thread here about A&S leaving the label because Motown did not want them to record an album.

I can't find the thread. Was it moved or deleted? Or do I just need a stronger eyeglass prescription?
Yesterday 08:31 PM

Background on the Donovan Building [former MT Headquarters].

I was wondering if any members have any knowledge of the Donovan Building which was the headquarters downtown of Motown Records from 1968-1972.
I read where the main building had a basement, ten floors, and a penthouse on the top. Attached was a side building known as the Sanders Building. Allegedly the basement of the Sanders building had another recording studio and the only song ever recorded in it was What's Going On by Marvin.

Does anyone know what was on each floor of the building? I assume that Berry's office was in the penthouse, but I don't know for certain. Logic would dictate that, but that might not be correct. The building was owned by Cherrylawn Realty which was Berry's company.

Have any members of the Motown Forum ever been in the building or was security that tight?

Yesterday 07:34 PM

Benjamin - Martha and the Vandellas


When Martha was in very fine voice, great song

Are there Vandellas on this or was it too late in the day?

Can’t recall if it was a single but if it was, it didn’t see much chart action
Yesterday 01:38 PM

Whitney Houston & Biggie named as inductees into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

This morning, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame listed six new inductees to their class:

Depeche Mode
The Doobie Brothers
Whitney Houston
Nine Inch Nails
The Notorious B.I.G.
T. Rex

Irving Azoff and Jon Landau were listed as inductees in the Ahmet Ertegun Award.

This marks the first time since 2013 where two black acts were inducted at the same time (last time was Donna Summer and Public Enemy).

The ten other acts who missed out:
Dave Matthews Band (first act to win the fan vote to miss the votes to get in; they'll probably won't be likely to be nominated again)
Pat Benatar (many, including me, had pegged her as an inductee for 2020 so she was the surprise snub)
Soundgarden (another surprise snub was this one but maybe not so much as Pat because NIN has a bigger hold than I thought)
Judas Priest (they made #5 on the 2018 fan vote and #5 on this year's fan vote, they missed out yet again!)
Thin Lizzy
Rufus featuring Chaka Khan
Todd Rundgren
Kraftwerk (they didn't get the Early Influence Award as feared by some Hall of Fame watchers)
MC5 (this will likely be the Detroiters' last hurrah as the 1960s chapter of the Hall may be closed unless other '60s acts like Dionne Warwick finally get a shot)


Ralph Terrana

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