Today 03:08 AM

Mary Tyler Moore Loves Gladys Knight & The Pips

Not much to get excited over- just watching an episode of the old Mary Tyler Moore Show and there was a gag about her having bought a stereo set but it wasn't working right. Mary tells Murray she can hear Gladys Knight..BUT NONE of the PIPS! I love when someone drops a Motown artist into a show's dialogue!
Today 03:13 AM

Our Motown Top 60

Hey everyone, keeping with Motown's 60th Anniversary I think it would be great if we post a favorite Motown recording here until we reach 60 of our favorites. If someone post one that you were thinking of posting, pick a different one (God knows there are a lot to choose from).
I will start things off with this one:


Today 02:53 AM

Fish ain't bittin' - lamont dozier

Just because. Just because it is a great song.......

Today 01:52 AM

TV Show Theme Songs

I was wondering if any Motown artists ever sang a theme songs for any tv shows?

I know that Donny Hathaway did the theme song for "Maude", Al Jarreau did the theme song for "Moonlighting", Aretha did the theme song for "A Different World" and Bobby McFerrin did the theme song for a season of "The Cosby Show." That got me wondering about Motown artists.
Today 12:16 AM

Did everyone forget what day it is today? Hint: MR Birthday

I am shocked that nobody posted a birthday greeting today for the great Martha Reeves who celebrates her 78th birthday today.

There is even a big event in Detroit tonight to honor her birthday.

Happy Happy Birthday to the great Martha Reeves and hopefully there will be many many more. Keep Dancing In the Street!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ralph Terrana

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