Today 01:40 PM

Any tips for cleaning CDs?

I came across one that looked as if it had a microscopic crumb on it, like a cookie crumb. So I thought I could simply flick it off with my finger.

Bad idea. To make a long story short, the more I rubbed it, the more the stain [[by now a scuff mark) became and I have not been able to clean it satisfactorily. I have since tried to play the CD, which was fine before, but now it skips and just stops altogether.

So have I ruined a perfectly good CD or is there hope that I can restore it to playability?
Today 01:34 PM

LOVE AND AFFECTION - More Motown Girls from Ace

Pleased to be able to bring you news of the next Ace/Motown CD, due for release at the end of October. Cover pic is still "in development", I'll post as soon as it's finalised. Meantime - here's the track list:

1. Reassure Me That You Love Me - Brenda Holloway
2. Any Girl In Love [[Knows What I’m Going Through) - Gladys Knight The Pips
3. My Love Is Your Love [[Forever) - Barbara Randolph
4. This Is The Love [[I’ve Been Waiting For) - Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
5. I Can’t Make It Without You - Debbie Dean
6. Midnight Johnny [[Early Version) - Liz Lands
7. Many Good Times - The Lewis Sisters
8. Just Go On Sleeping - LaBrenda Ben *
9. Lonely Teardrops - Brenda Holloway *
10. Now That Love Is Gone - Hattie Littles *
11. Fugitive - LaBrenda Ben *
12. Envious [[Fast Version) - Linda Griner
13. Mr Pride And Mr Gloom - Connie Haines
14. Momma Tried To Warn Me - Oma Heard
15. Check Yourself - Chris Clark
16. Come Back Half Way - Barbara McNair
17. Mother Tell Me What To Do - Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
18. Girls Need Love And Affection - The Marvelettes
19. Give Back The Good Things - Rita Wright
20. Go For Yourself - The Lollipops
21. The Good Times Are Gone - Barbara McNair
22. The Things Time Can’t Erase - Gladys Knight & The Pips
23. Close My Crying Eyes - Yvonne Fair
24. Forgotten - Chris Clark
25. Lover Man [[Oh Where Can You Be) - Kim Weston *

All previously unreleased, except for the ones marked *, which appeared on the "Motown Unreleased" digital download series as MP3s.
Today 12:46 PM

Did Don Cornelius Help Screw Up Michael Jackson's Head About Self Imaging :

Surely no harm intended, but listen to what Don says at :30 and watch Michael's reaction:

the audience doesn't take too well to it either.
Today 01:08 PM

wrong thread oops

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Today 01:40 PM

Songs with dances in the title

Mickey's Monkey
Twistin' Postman
Come On Do the Jerk
Can You Jerk Like Me?

All of the above songs were original compositions released on various Motown labels, and all contain the names of dances.

I know there are more. Can you name more songs released by Motown that contain the names of dances that are NOT covers?
Today 11:43 AM

New mini-doc on Dyke & The Blazers

A newly-published mini-documentary from Craft Recordings tells the potted history of funk pioneers Dyke & the Blazers. The clip sets up the June 25 release, digitally and on vinyl, of the new compilations celebrating the R&B combo, Down on Funky Broadway: Phoenix [1966–1967] and I Got a Message: Hollywood [1968–1970].
“We geek out on tracing the music we love back to its sonic origins,” writes the label in a social media post, “so we put together this mini-doc on the groundbreaking, too-often-overlooked funk band.” The film traces the coming together of the collective fronted by Buffalo, NY native Arlester “Dyke” Christian, and how their discovery in a Phoenix club led to the release of their signature “Funky Broadway” on the Original Sound label.

See the mini-doc here:


Ralph Terrana

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