Today 05:25 PM

The jones girls backing vocals on other artist's songs

I saw a post on facebook and had to steal it. The Jones Girls were very busy session singers outside of their touring with Diana Ross. Post songs that you know by other artists with the Jones Girls singing background vocals. Here's a favorite:
Today 08:16 PM

Bernie worrell, one of the best to ever do it

I don't hear his name mentioned enough when it comes to great guitarists but he has done the d@mn thing
Today 10:43 AM

Stoney and Meatloaf..Every Thing Under The Sun drops today.

Wish us luck gang. Been a long time coming. All you arm chair producers out there that buy the package, please give me a review on your thoughts of the CDs.
Today 03:57 PM

Ashford & Simpson non- M.Gaye & T.Terrell songs.

They are most famous for their work with MG & TT but also did many equally good writing/production for other Motown acts. What is your favourite track?

I'll kick off with one of my favourites:

It Ain't Like That - Martha Reeves & The Vandellas.
Today 11:34 AM

Smokey Robinson at NYC's Beacon Theatre, Sat Oct 15

A 'heads-up' regarding Smokey's upcoming concert at NYC's Beacon Theatre. Looks like more than half of tickets are still available -

Yesterday 03:14 PM

Motown hitmaker Charlene returns 40 years after breakout hit

From SoulTracks.com-
Back in 1982, one of the most unlikely hits shot to the top of the pop and R&B charts. “I’ve Never Been To Me” was a sensitive, introspective ballad from the female perspective that had been released five years earlier and stiffed, only to return as a smash due to some perceptive disc jockeys around the US and Europe who knew a hit when they heard one. The singer was Charlene Oliver [aka Charlene], and “I’ve Never Been To Me” became her signature song and lone Top 40 hit.
Fast forward forty years, and Charlene, now living in Texas, is back, teamed with UK-based singer, songwriter and producer Paul Stuart Davies, who has shown a penchant for recreating the vibe of early soul and doo wop classics, all brought forward to a new generation of listeners.

The result of their collaboration is “Fairytale Life,” a tale of love gone sour, and the plan by the singer to shake that love off, and find a new life on the other side of the country. The song has a definite early Motown vibe with even a touch of 50s pop, and the two artists blend nicely to provide a single with a nostalgic charm to it.

Listen to 'Fairytale Life' at SoulTracks.com-
Motown hitmaker Charlene returns 40 years after breakout hit | SoulTracks - Soul Music Biographies, News and Reviews


Ralph Terrana

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