Today 01:00 AM
Today 01:02 AM

This x-rated intro version of The Manhattans KISS AND SAY GOODBYE- Authentic?

I 'm a big Bobby Martin fan and when first finding this never wanted to believe he would disrespect his own work in this way ..... Still this version posted since 2012 , claiming to be a promo from 1976, remains on youtube unchallenged. A couple of comments there imply owning or at least remembering it ....

Anybody have any information regarding this ????:confused:
Yesterday 10:05 PM

The Originals - Live at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles, CA

The Originals are Hank Dixon, Walter Gaines, Freddie Gorman & C.P. Spencer:

Yesterday 11:09 PM

young Smokey Robinson covering "Adios My Desert Love" - by Nolan Strong & the Diablos

Smokey is 14 or 15, I think, but he sounds about 10 or 11!
A great cover for some young kids!

"Adios My Desert Love"


Ralph Terrana

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