Today 04:52 PM

D'atra Hicks

In my CD rotation in the car today, her turn came around so I played her 1989 CD and it refreshed my memory all over again about what a great album it had been. So why did this girl not become a major star? The album was on a major label (Capitol) and seemed to be an overall well-produced project and her voice was sensational throughout.

Now I do see from checking Amazon that there was a second album released but it was 22 years later (!) So that makes me skeptical that a second one that much later could really be any good.

Anyone have both and if I were to take a chance on the second one, would I find it as good as the first?
Today 05:24 PM

Marv davis rip

I received the news from forum member Bill Staiger who was able to find the information. Some had a hard time with the guy and others, like myself, were quite fond of him. he was a major contributor to the forum and his offerings will be missed. When I had a book signing date at Motown, He flew in from New York to be there with me. I will miss you and your friendship Marv.
Today 02:56 PM

The Four Tops STILL WATER: First 45 Ever With 2 Versions Of The Same Song?

Intriguing release charting exactly 50 years ago in the fall of 1970:

Side One (LOVE)
Side Two (PEACE)

Written by Smokey Robinson and Frank Wilson. Have either discussed this composition? I'm wondering if the two versions reflect two different concepts by each of its two authors? Or what is the recording and releasing of the two versions reflecting ?

Side One:

Side Two:

How did this come about ? These two versions? (Why?)

I find this part of The PEACE version:

P is for privilege of loving and the privilege of being loved.
E is for the ease it gives the soul and the mind.
A is for the absence in your search to find yourself.
C is the calm feeling if you like what you find
E is everlasting. Let this love never cease.

most moving.

I'm curious as to why it wasn't chosen as the "A" side , or at the very minimum, why this 45 wasn't worked by Motown as a split hit with each side sharing air play?
(Did DJs drop the ball on this one by ignoring the b side?)

As for the original inquiry.... these two versions of a song on one 45 ....very unusual to say the least.....are there previous examples (beyond an instrumental version, or a live version)?? From Motown? From any label/ artist? :confused:

Further more , why was it that the album's title SILL WATERS RUN DEEP does not match the single's title (or vise versa) ::confused:

(Also as an aside,
I hear Marvin Gaye's stylizing in his future songs, WHATS GOING ON etc in STILL WATER --- ... does anyone else ?)
Today 04:30 PM

Four Tops, Working on New Material - Advance Notice!!

Good to hear this morning that The Four Tops are working on new material, new lead singer Alexander Morris was speaking on Applause Radio!

The new CD will be out near the end of 2021 or at the start of 2022 — and, fingers crossed, depending on the pandemic!

If you want to check out the interview with Alexander! it is the second interview.

Yesterday 04:06 PM

Four or More Motown Versions???

On my TV music channel the other day, I heard that familiar little tinkle telling me that "Put Yourself in My Place" was coming on. While waiting for the vocal to begin, I realized it was not the Supremes' version so I assumed it was going to be the Elgins. Well it turned out to be the Isley Brothers version.

After that it occurred to me that Chris Clark also covered the song, which leads me to this question.......Are there any other Motown songs that were covered by as many as four of their artists? Any songs that were done five or more times?


Ralph Terrana

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