Today 05:13 PM

My self-made Mock-Up-Albums and Expanded Editions

Hi everyone,

Iím a big Motown fan (Especially Diana Ross and the Supremes - and especially after 1966) but like most of other fans Iím a bit upset with Universal who releases less and less of Motown Rarities and if, mostly only digitally.
Donít get me wrong, Iím happy with everything we get, but I wish it would be a bit more.
But anyway, instead of waiting for something that will never come, I thought I made some designs for myself.

Though I love to have all music from one timeline on one or two CDs I created also some Kim Weston Fantasy albums as well as the two unreleased Brenda LPs with my favorite songs as Ąoriginal LPď and the rest from the timeline as bonus tracks. Like a real expanded edition.
I also created lots of Diana Ross/Supremes designs and started with doing expanded edition for the Marvelettes Albums. I love the the two sets, but I donít like that most of the tracks are distributed on different CDs on the sets. Thatís why I have doing my own Expanded editions with all tracks that belongs to the album.
Today I wanted to show you some of the designs I have done.

All of them are made in beautiful digipacks - I found a printer that also printed small editions - so I created them for printing. BUT I havenít print them yet.

Maybe you also have some dream albums you loved to have as physical CDs and you always would loved to have :-)

If anyone is interested I can also post the tracklists I have done for these albums :-)

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Today 06:30 PM

New Birth


I selfishly and un-apologetically want an Unsung on this group...
Today 06:57 PM

Four tops on shindig- down the road apiece

Been buying DVDs of classic TV shows specifically with four tops. Here's a shindig clip I posted. https://youtu.be/rR_Tzyg8TZ0
Today 06:28 PM

Classic Soul JAMS!

Today is my birthday and with each one I am blessed with I like to look back some. In this case I am looking back at some of the BEST Classic Soul Jams in my opinion. Are you with me? Here's a few that make the cut:

Eddie Floyd - Knock On Wood - 1966

Today 06:01 PM
Today 06:05 PM

Motown songs that make you literally get up and dance!

You know you wanna dance,hehe...s.o.s[edwin starr]...the love you save[jackson 5]...hitch hike[marvin gaye]...my daddy knows best[the marvelettes]...mickey's monkee[the miracles]...ain't too proud to beg[temptations]...i can't help myself[four tops]...shotgun[jr.walker]...got to give it up[marvin gaye]...what's hard for one[mary wells]...uptight[stevie wonder]...heatwave[martha an the vandellas]...come on do the jerk[the miracles]...where did our love go[the supremes]...glasshouse[temptations]...floy joy[supremes]...boogie down[eddie kendricks]...pucker up buttercup[jr.walker]...you haven't done nothing[stevie wonder]...function at the junction[shorty long]...body and soul[the four tops]...i'll be in trouble[temptations]...jimmy mack[martha and the vandellas]...whole lotta shakin[the miracles]...well,get up and dance!!


Ralph Terrana

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