Today 01:45 PM

The making of Hitsville

I went to the Detroit premier last night. Looks like I was left on the editing room floor. But that is okay. The movie dealt primarily with the earlier days. All in all, I thought the movie was well done.
Today 05:26 AM

Phil Spector - Part B - "Complete Philles LP Discography"

Welcome Wall-Of-Sound fans to Part B of the Phil Spector threads -- the "Complete Philles LP Discography"! It's taken longer than expected to prepare, but I've made it as complete as possible including Artist/LP titles listed by Philles catalog #, as well as tracklists with respective YouTube video soundclips. As a special treat, I've also included photos of each front and back LP cover as well as photos of Side A and Side B of each vinyl LP disc and label-copy from my own personal Philles LP collection. A big round of applause is in order for my good buddy Kenny (Kenneth) who has graciously offered (succumbed!) to post the Philles photos for me. I hope you'll all enjoy reliving the musical power and magnificence of Phil Spector's Philles Records.
Today 01:23 PM

September Goldmine Has Some Great Motown Stuff

The September issue of Goldmine (www.goldminemag.com) has several features commemorating Motown's 60th anniversary. I have the printed edition since I subscribe to the magazine but from a quick review of the website, it appears that these features are not yet available. I would assume they will be soon.

Anyway, there is an overall story on Motown, plus lengthy interviews with Smokey, Duke Fakir, and Otis Williams. Another feature I enjoyed was a piece where they selected four B sides that in the opinion of the writers were as good as their A sides.

Two of the ones they picked are ones where I would wholeheartedly agree. The Four Tops' "I Got a Feeling," (as you guys know I am always caterwauling on here about what a sensational song that is) and the Supremes' "Bill When Are You Coming Back", the flip side to "Up the Ladder to the Roof."

Some very interesting reading which I hope you guys can see, either in print or online eventually.
Today 11:42 AM

Motown property songs, just for fun

I was thinking that Diana Ross has three songs concerning property:

My Place
It's My House
This House

The Four Tops have:

7 Rooms Of Gloom
Macarthur Park

R Dean Taylor has:

There's A Ghost In My House

Just for some fun, can you name any more songs?


Ralph Terrana

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