Today 02:51 PM

Who Is Norman Whitfield's SUPERSTAR?

from wiki:

The song "Superstar [[Remember How You Got Where You Are)" had begun its life as a song Whitfield and lyricist Barrett Strong were writing about one of Whitfield's former friends, a producer whom Whitfield thought had become too standoffish after achieving success.[4][5] By the time the song was completed and being recorded by the Temptations, however, Otis Williams had had it reworked so that it was "about David [Ruffin] and Eddie [Kendricks]"[4][5]
Anyone know/guess who the friend /producer was that Norman and Barrett had written about ??
Today 09:25 AM

Meatloaf has passed


Ralph and Russ were very much involved in starting off Meatloaf's career as a recording artist, producing his first album Stoney and Meatloaf on Rare Earth
Yesterday 07:36 AM

Rest in peace, R. Dean Taylor

Sadly, there are reports coming in this evening on social media that Canadian Motown artist, songwriter and producer, R. Dean Taylor, has passed away. Rest in peace, Mr. Taylor. Thank you for your valuable contributions to music history.
Today 06:32 AM

Iíll Be There: My Life with the Four Tops by Duke Fakir

For so many years we have had to wait for an autobiography or biography on my all time favourite group, and I think The UK's THE FOUR TOPS!

Attachment 19562

The Group visted Liverpool so many times, my first every concert aged 15, never did I think then I would get to meet and intetview them many times. Spoke several times to LEVI about a autobiography, he was always so interested! and we discussed it, but we never did get it!

Now at lasr Duke Fakir is delivering us the story we have waited for. 'Iíll Be There: My Life with the Four Tops' with Kathleen McGhee-Anderson, release date here in the UK is set for 5th May. The friendly bookshop I deal with so often contacted me today, they have been promised a few signed copies, I didn't like to pay so far in advance, but how could I risk missing out! I just can't wait.

Never forget one interview, and something many listeners had said to me and I agreed, we wished live that The Guy's did not speed up so many classics! Well one member of the group let me know strong he did not agree, remembered never ask that one again! LOL!
01-22-2022 01:49 PM

Dreamboats & Petticoats presents... The Four Tops, The Temptations & The Supremes

https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dreamboats-Petticoats-presents-Temptations-Supremes/dp/B09M31T9LB/ref=pd_vtp_5/257-6320500-7410217?pd_rd_w=lbeDE&pf_rd_p=f8be2100-4de3-46b4-9cb2-76b688b54cf4&pf_rd_r=14ASE2RFP46E2684NKM8&pd_rd_r= 1669066e-b9a9-4358-ad27-1745fbf92fdc&pd_rd_wg=pVGdo&pd_rd_i=B09M31T9LB&psc =1


Ralph Terrana

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