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Howard Hewett-"Iím For RealĖThe Elektra Recordings 1986-1992" [Cherry Red-10/14/2022]

Deluxe collection of expanded editions of the four best-selling albums by the ever-soulful Howard Hewett whose rise to international prominence began with the global hit making trio Shalamar.
Featuring 56 tracks, this first-of-its-kind 4CD box set is titled after ĎIím For Realí, Howardís Top 5 RnB hit single from his debut Elektra LP, ĎI Commit To Loveí.

I COMMIT TO LOVE [Expanded Edition]
1 Stay
2 Iím For Real
3 Last Forever
4 I Commit To Love
5 In A Crazy Way
6 Love Donít Wanna Wait
7 I Got 2 Go
8 Eye On You
9 Letís Try It All Over Again
10 Say Amen
Bonus Tracks
11 Roberta Flack/Howard Hewett: Let Me Be A Light To Shine
12 Iím For Real [Single Edit]
13 Stay [Before Midnight Mix]
14 Obsession [From The Heavenly Kid Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

FOREVER AND EVER [Expanded Edition]
1 Strange Relationship
2 Natural Love
3 Once, Twice, Three Times
4 Youíll Find Another Man
5 Forever And Ever
6 Shakiní My Emotion
7 Share A Love
8 This Time
9 Challenge
10 Goodbye Good Friday
11 Ainít No Mountain High Enough [with Stacey Lattisaw]
12 Say Amen [New Vocal Version]
Bonus Tracks
13 The Ten Commandments of Love
14 Strange Relationship [Extended Version]

HOWARD HEWETT [Expanded Edition]
1 Howard Hewett/Anita Baker Ė When Will It Be
2 Show Me
3 If I Could Only Have That Day Back
4 Let Me Show You How To Fall In Love
5 I Do
6 The More I Get [The More I Want]
7 Letís Get Deeper
8 Shadow
9 I Know Youíll Be Back
10 Donít Give In
11 Jesus
Bonus Track
12 If I Could Only Have That Day Back [12″ Extended Vocal]
13 Canít Tell You Why

ALLEGIANCE [Expanded Edition]
1 To Thee I Pray: Intro
2 Save Your Sex For Me
3 Allegiance
4 Can We Try Again
5 How Fast Forever Goes
6 Canít Get Over Your Love
7 To Thee I Pray: Interlude
8 Say You Will
9 Take It To the Highest
10 From This Day On
11 Ronnie-O
12 Masquerade
13 Just Like A Woman
14 To Thee I Pray
Bonus Tracks
15 David Sanborn ft. Howard Hewett: Got To Give It Up

Howard Hewett: I'm For Real - The Elektra Recordings 1986-1992, 4CD Box Set - Cherry Red Records

Yesterday 09:23 PM

Publicity photo of Temptations doing The Temptation Walk w/ footstep diagram below

Attachment 19803
Can someone here post the publicity photo of The Temptations doing "The Temptation Walk" with the dance's footstep diagram below it? My copy is in Europe, and I can't get to it now, and I don't have a copy in my computer or online. It's either from late 1965 or early 1966, as I recall, and I can't find one online.

Thanks for any help.


P.S. I just found out after more than 50+ years, that Jackie Lee had a "Temptation Walk" song out on Mirwood Records in 1966, titled "Do The Temptation Walk". It is lousy to my taste; but I was surprised I don't remember ever noticing it. Of course, I bought The Entertainers IV version as soon as I heard it!
Yesterday 07:22 AM

Songs with other than Engllish language in their lyrics

Hi all,
I was thinking about Motown songs that incorporate a word, a line, lines or even a phrase sung or spoken in a language other than English.

My Cherie Amour - Stevie Wonder
What Now My Love - The Temptations

There's gotta be more, right?
07-31-2022 06:56 AM

Soulful detroit center stage

I am trying something new. This thread will be used for showcasing new talent. Got a song or band you think deserves recognition? Send it to me in care of...ralph.terrana@gmail.com. I will review it and if I approve will post it on this thread to be viewed by forum members, allowing them to make comments on the material if they so choose. Not sure how this is going to go but it could be fun.
Yesterday 01:56 PM

The Carnival is Over for Judith Durham of the Seekers

The Carnival is Over for the sweet sound of icon Judith Durham of the Seekers at age 79. Open up them Pearly Gates!

Though most from the 60s would think of her as a pop singer, Judith loved to sing jazz and more soulful songs.

With her clear voice she was an icon from 50 years ago with songs written for her [[and the Seekers) such as 'I'll never find another you' & 'Georgy Girl' by Tom Springfield [[brother of Dusty) & 'Someday One Day by Paul Simon.

When she re-joined the Seekers in the early 1990s, she sang 'I Am Australian' [[written by fellow Seeker Bruce Woodley) which since then has been suggested as a new national anthem.

For those who may have never heard of her [[you could think of her as an Australian Karen Carpenter though she deserves to stand on her own record) google the above songs or watch this clip from a decade ago performed in her sixties



Ralph Terrana

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