Today 01:46 PM

It's a wrap for Robert Sylvester Kelly!

Dude has the feds on his tail now too. I have never seen anyone defeat federal cases either... dude was a menace to society for 30 years. It ends now.
Today 01:47 AM

What's your thought on the Andantes replacing vocals on groups

They may be unsung, but they sure suckered us into buying a Four Tops, Martha and the Vandellas, Marvelettes, and worst of all *GASP* a Supremes record.

What's your thoughts on this? Should have this false advertising happened in Motown?

Louvain could give us some input if she's available.
Today 11:59 AM

Save The Chidren Soundtrack album Motown M-800

This album appears to have been released with three different covers, although the records inside each are all on the blue Motown label albeit with slight variations pointing to have been pressed in different plants. There is nothing on any of the sleeves to indicate the 2 alternative ones were licensed to other Records labels for release either. Were all three variations genuine Motown releases?

Attachment 16004
Attachment 16005
Attachment 16006
Today 10:48 AM

Why wasn’t this Four Tops song a big hit?

I’ve been listening to the alternate (strings) version of “Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever.” It’s a great song, in my opinion, especially in this mix. But the recording didn’t do too well on the charts: Billboard Pop #45; R&B, #12. What do you think accounts for its relatively poor showing, especially since it was preceded by four big hits, including a #1?
Possible factors:
1. It’s a ballad, not a dance number like its predecessors.
2. The released version sounds too “stripped down” without a) the strings
and/or b) The Andantes.
3. It’s not really that good of a song.
Thanks for your input.
Today 05:49 AM

The Contours- I Can't Stop This Feeling

This is a Contours song from around 1968, but I cannot figure out who is singing lead. Can someone help me?


Ralph Terrana

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