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    Who were Don & Bob-who sang "Good Morning Little School Girl" on Argo Records?

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    The songwriters were Level and Love. Could their names have been Don Level and Bob Love? In the late 1970s and early '80s with Airwave Records, I worked with a singer named Don Level, who was in his late 40s at that time, and was from Chicago.

    Does anyone know their full names and who produced the record and where it was recorded? Was it an in-house Chess production, or an independent one, picked up by Chess? Any information would be appreciated.
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    I now see that there is a young rapper also Named Don Level. I wonder is he is the Chicago Don Level's son?

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    Hi Robb, does this help? from http://www.gordzillasblues.com/roar.html

    "Good Morning, School Girl" or "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl" is a blues standard that has been covered countless times across the decades" First recorded by John Lee "Sonny Boy" Williamson, later it was a R&B chart success for Smokey Hogg and has been recorded by a variety of artists. Sonny Boy Williamson I recorded "Good Morning, School Girl" in 1937 during his first recording session for Bluebird Records.In 1961, Don Level and Bob Love, as the R&B duo "Don & Bob", recorded a different version of "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl" for Argo Records, a Chess subsidiary. The Yardbirds with Eric Clapton later covered this version of "Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl" for their second UK single in 1964.Many blues and other artists have recorded Sonny Boy Williamson's "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl", including: Rod Stewart,1964; Chuck Berry,1967; Grateful Dead,1967;Taj Mahal,196;Ten Years After,1969; Johnny Winter,1969 and 1971;Muddy Waters,1986; Paul Rodgers with Jeff Beck, 1993; Huey Lewis and the News,1994;Van Morrison,1994; Jonny Lang, 1997; The Derek Trucks Band from Out of the Madness (1998); Widespread Panic, 2001;The Jimi Homeless Experience,2009.

    In 1990, Sonny Boy Williamson I's "Good Morning, School Girl" was inducted into the Blues Foundation Hall of Fame in the "Classics of Blues Recordings – Single or Album Track" category.

    cheers Mike

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    And here is the comprehensive story, all you ever wanted to know about Don and Bob, and their families....


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    Thanks, Mike!

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    more -http://launch.dir.groups.yahoo.com/group/KS_and_KC_GenOne_Rockers/message/254

    And Robb, you're going to love this... it's a 9 minute video by Bob Love's son, Rudy, telling you all about his father and the song, as well as his own musical journey

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    So, Don's son, Don Junior IS the successful Rap singer, Don level. Wow! It's a small World.

    It's too bad we didn't get to release Don Senior's recordings we were considering ("Swept Away" and "Love Just Let Me Down Again"). They were of pretty good quality. I'm am sorry to hear that he died in 2004. I had last seen and talked to him in the early 1990s.

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    And Rudy Love is Bob Love's son! It's a small business and a small World!

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    The two Argo cuts sound like they could have been cut in Chicago. It's significant that there was no Music Publisher that shared the rights with Chess' Arc Music, as they normally did when Chess leased recordings from the original release label. So, it seems that, perhaps Don and Bob brought their songs to Chess in Chicago, were signed and recorded there. I know that Don later moved there. No producers were listed on Chess records, so we don't know who ran the session. That was before Ter-Mar Studio was set up, so, I guess it was recorded at Universal Sound Studios.

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    Thx Mike.....My 2 fave versions are Sonny Boy's and Johnny Winter's.

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    The Don Level and Bob Love song is really almost a completely different song from Sonny Boy (I)'s song. Only the title line is the same. Naturally, I like The Sonny Boy Williamson recording better,-but they are completely different genres of music, as well as being different songs.

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    A link to an old SDForum thread on Rudy Love ...........

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    Robb_K, in the early 80s I was with Mary Wells at the Sheraton L.A. where she performed with Martha, Shirley Alston
    Reeves, and Arlene Smith. Two guys came back to see her and they were from Airwave Records. I think this was
    the summer of '84 when the summer olympics were in L.A.

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    Yes, I remember you telling us this some years ago. I met Mary in L.A. in 1979 or 1980. And I met with her again in 1981 or 1982. We were talking with her about recording her. I think that's also what Tom DePierro and Ron Outlaw were talking with her about in 1984, as well. Unfortunately, we went out of business near the end of 1984. So, we never did record her.


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