Ruby Andrews
Although Ric released a couple of dozen 45's on his Zodiac label over a six-year period, approximately 75% of the output was by two artists, Ruby Andrews and Chuck Bernard.

Prior to Ruby's success with 'Casanova', she had worked with The Vondells before becoming a dancer in a small Chicago nightclub using the name Ruby Stackhouse, her birth name.

Disc Jockey Lucky Cordell spotted that she could sing too and he recommended her to Ric, who was looking for new talent.

After the success of 'Casanova', Ruby's follow-up 45, in December 1967, was a nice mid-tempo song written by BKE. Allegedly produced by Ric, it was called 'Hey boy take a chance on love' b/w 'Come to me'.

Several months later another excellent double-sider emerged in 'You can run but you can't hide' b/w the much covered 'Wonderful night'. The top side  was sprinkled with some great 'in your face' vocals but astonishingly it didn't do much.

In October of 1968 some faith was restored when 'The love I need' and it's excellent flip 'Just lovin' you' hit the Billboard charts at #48.

The choice of follow up was questionable, however, as it was a version  of Brothers of Soul's 'I guess that don't make me a loser' which had charted only a few months earlier. It remains Ruby's favourite recording however.

Another BKE song 'You made a believer out of me' b/w 'Where have you gone' peaked at #18 R&B #96 Pop, making it the highlight of the BKE collaboration.

Sandwiched in between Ruby's Zodiac releases was a 45 by a duo called Freddy and Bobby called 'Come on back'.

For a second time Ric had renamed BKE to give everyone the impression of a bigger artist roster. Freddy was Fred Bridges and Bobby was Robert Eaton.


Notes thanks to David Meikle.

Photograph courtesy of Grapevine Music

scans courtesy MotorCityMusic


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