One of the studios used in the recording process.......
Columbia Records, Chicago; home of the OKEH label

Number 6504 Linwood looked a good bet.

"We rented a place on Linwood street where we could do our song writing. It was in a large basement beneath my barber's shop. 

Ric organised the deal, but we split the costs 50-50. The basement held a piano and a tape recorder. It seemed to be away from everything and was ideal for our purposes.

I called it The Place, but this was not a reference to the Sidra song.

There was a general routine to our songwriting. I would come up with the hook and the music, and Richard and Robert would provide the words.

We were able to hold rehearsals there at the Place too. I would do a head arrangement for bass/guitar/keyboards/drums, then Mike Terry would come up with the session charts.

When it came to making the recordings I oversaw the session as Producer, and The Brothers of Soul provided the backgrounds.

We cut a track 'here', the voices 'there' and vice versa. It was important that we got the right studio at the right time and at the right price, and we were always prepared to travel to suit the needs of whoever we were working with.

We drove back and forth between Detroit and Chicago, through all sorts of weather, blizzards, storms, anything. We just didn't care, our goal was to make music."

Many great songs were rehearsed in The Place and amongst them was a one off production on Sandra Phillips for Chicago's Okeh label. The song, "I wish I had known", would wait over a decade before being acclaimed by England's Northern Soul scene.


Notes thanks t0 David Meikle.


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