Tera Shirma Studio A stood at the site of the Gas Station. Tera Shirma Studio B was later housed within the raised building to the right.

This didn't deter Williams however, and he asked the group to present him with four songs. 

The trio chose to record the songs Tera Shirma Studio A, which had been bought the previous year by Ralph Terrana and Al Sherman. 

"We chose Studio A as it had a nice feel to it.  It was basically a room within a room and we found that this provided us with a great sound. A very compact set-up which had it's own character. I liked it a lot.

We recorded 'I guess that don't make me a loser', 'Dream', 'Hurry don't linger' and 'Can't get you off my mind'."

Encouraged by the performance of their first recording session,  Williams decided to open up another label called Boo, and announced that it would be used to showcase the group on their own.

It didn't quite end that way however as Roy Cortez Butler  gained the second and third release with another version of 'Dream' and a new song called 'Mary's house'. A song which would feature a rap by one Russ Terrana.

"Roy was a tall guy with a high pitched voice", recalls Fred. "He came from Inkster and a friend of mine introduced him to me. We cut a few songs on him."

Tera Shirma Studio B would soon feature in BKE's plans


Notes thanks to David Meikle.

photographs courtesy Lowell Boileau


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