Mutt Records, 27316 Michigan Avenue, Inkster

Some freelance work was coming through from Nate Dore's Mutt Records, which was based on Michigan Avenue about fifteen miles west of Detroit.

Several tracks were put together  on The Two Fellows and The Majjestees (sic).

Fred remembers The Two Fellows as "Two guys from Inkster who were like brothers. Nice guys, we recorded them in a studio way up in Mt Clemens; It was ither called SuperDisc/ProSound or Sound Incorporated, something like that, and I think the La Beat Production Team provided the backing tracks. The songs were 'Stop' and 'Yea yea yea yea'. 

The song we did for The Majjestees was called 'Let her go' and was the flip side to 'Take back all those things'. I remember the lead singer was called Michaelo who eventually moved to Motown in LA before hitting with a song 'Reach for the stars'. "

The Promo guy at Mutt was also working for Sidra."

Fred recalls his name as Greg and it is possible that it was he who helped get BKE some work at the new facility on Wyoming. 

The owners, Raymond Jackson and Joe Brown, approached BKE with a view to them supplying some new material for their group, The Precisions, who were being showcased on the subsidiary Drew label. 

The result was the release of two songs, some 9 months later, called 'A place' and 'Never let you go'. The 45 was good enough to reach #50 in the R&B charts.

During the sessions a guy called Ric Williams appeared who was  building a reputation in Chicago through his Zodiac label.

This chance meeting would prove to be very significant.


Notes thanks to David Meikle.


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