The Darrell Banks Story
Detroit Memorial Park

Funeral services were held by the Reverend Arthur Posey (Art Posey?) on Monday March 2nd 1970, at Temple of Jude Church in Highland Park.  

Interment was at Detroit Memorial Park on 13 Mile and Ryan.  Darrell was interred in Section 36, Plot 539.

The board in the photograph gives the following brief history.

"Detroit Memorial Park Cemetery was organized in 1925 to serve the rapidly expanding post-war Detroit black population.

Concerned with the indignities and poor quality of service received by the black community, several distinguished Detroiters established the cemetery to provide reasonably priced and dignified burials.

This was the first black-owned and operated business of its kind in the state. Its incorporators included Charles Diggs, a mortician and acknowledged founder, and Dr. Aaron Toodle, a druggist and first president.

By careful management the cemetery corporation survived the Great Depression and expanded into financial services. 

Famous inventor, Elijah McCoy, [as in the 'Real McCoy'] is buried here among doctors, lawyers, ministers, teachers, and business, civic and political leaders."

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Darrell Banks Memorial Project
[NOTE ADDED July 2004: Funds have successfully been raised for a memorial bench marker, by internet solicitation, from fans around the world! A memorial bench now adorns his formerly unmarked grave. Please click here for details.]

Thanks to all who donated to the
Darrell Banks Memorial
the project is now fully funded and on Memorial Day 2004 a marker bench was placed on his grave. A dedication will be held on July 17, 2004.



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