The Darrell Banks Story
R.T. Wilson Funeral Home

photograph courtesy of SisDetroit

Also seen on the Death Certificate is the name of the Funeral Home.

Although this was based at 527 Owen, on the East Side of the city, just off Woodward, Sis tells us that it has always been seen as a West Side facility.

As you can see, the name Wilson is still linked to the business.

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Darrell Banks Memorial Project
[NOTE ADDED July 2004: Funds have successfully been raised for a memorial bench marker, by internet solicitation, from fans around the world! A memorial bench now adorns his formerly unmarked grave. Please click here for details.]

Thanks to all who donated to the
Darrell Banks Memorial
the project is now fully funded and on Memorial Day 2004 a marker bench was placed on his grave. A dedication will be held on July 17, 2004.



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