The Darrell Banks Story
Chronicle Exclusive

Several weeks after his final release, the front page of the Michigan Chronicle carried a shocking story.

Rita Griffin was the reporter

"A bullet fired by an off-duty policeman ended the life of singer Darrell Banks, who made history among his peers in the entertainment field several years ago when scoring a million seller hit with "Open the door".

Banks, 35 , was shot and fatally wounded last week by patrolman Aaron Bullock who was attempting to intercede in an alleged assault by the singer on Marjorie Bozeman.

According to statements by witnesses Bullock was dropping Miss Bozeman off at her home  on Detroit's west-side around 11 am Tuesday when Banks who had been waiting in his car near the house approached the couple and grabbed Miss Bozeman by the coat stating that he and she were going to talk.

Bullock identified himself as a police officer and ordered Banks to release Miss Bozeman. Banks then pulled a .22 revolver from his waist band and pointed it at the patrolman.

Bullock then reportedly ducked, drew his pistol, and pointed it and fired one shot striking Banks in the neck.

Banks was taken to New Grace Hospital where he was declared dead at 12.10pm.

Ms Bozeman a barmaid in a North West Detroit lounge told investigating officers that she and Banks had been close friends but she was trying to end the relationship.

Friends of Miss Bozeman reported that the couple were last seen together Sunday Feb. 22nd."

This was the first public announcement of his death. It appeared in the Michigan Chronicle dated March 7th 1970. Issues always appear on the streets on the previous Wednesday, which on this occasion was March 4th.

Therefore Darrell was dead a full 8 days prior to the public announcement.

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Darrell Banks Memorial Project
As a result of this story, a movement to fund a marker for Darrell Banks grave was initiated by the fans of this site and its forum.

Thanks to all who donated to the
Darrell Banks Memorial
the project is now fully funded and on Memorial Day 2004 a marker bench was placed on his grave. Watch the forum for commemoration plans.


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