The Darrell Banks Story
Solid Hitbound Productions

Lebaron Taylor
 photograph courtesy of Bobby Eli

Lebaron was co-owner of a new production company called Solid Hitbound and together with Don Davis and George White, of WXYZ, the partners sought to launch their first record label.

Mysteriously, it was named after the Club Revilot in Buffalo.

Lebaron and Don were working at Golden World when the partnership was forged and several Solid Hitbound productions had already gained release on Wingate and Bratton's Ric Tic records. 

Revilot's first release was penned by Darrell and Donnie Elbert, who also hailed from Buffalo.

The song was called  "Open the door to your heart" and it gave the label an astonishing chart debut in July 1966, achieving Pop #27, R&B #2. Dennis Coffey recalls that it was cut in United Sound Systems on Second Avenue.

When the song exploded into the charts, Elbert was horrified to find that his name did not appear on the 45, although this was rectified at a later date by B.M.I. 

The flip side is another outstanding song called "Our love is in the pocket". Credited to George Clinton, Rose Marie McCoy and JoAnne Bratton, it is the very essence of the Detroit Sound.

Revilot would go on to release another two dozen 45's but strangely enough only one would feature Darrell.

 "Somebody, somewhere needs you" was written by L.A. songwriters Frank Wilson and Marc Gordon, and was released in the fall of the same year. This recording fared less well, but still achieved a creditable Pop #55, R&B #34.

The flip, "Baby what'cha got (for me)",  was written by Edwin Starr, JJ Barnes and Sonny Sanders who had all been working at Golden World.

Notes thanks to David Meikle.




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