The Johnnie Mae Matthews Story
Her Discography

Most of these release dates have been taken from newspaper reviews and charts so will hopefully be accurate. Obviously any additional information would be greatly appreciated

Johnnie Mae Matthews
"Lonely You'"

Johnnie Mae Matthews Music Samples [Click icons to play segments.]
  Webisode Chapter Artist Title Label
Introduction Johnnie Mae Matthews I Have No Choice Bib Hit
Early Years Johnnie Mae Matthews You're So Unfaithful Brax
Early Years Johnnie Mae Matthew Interview - Getting Started  
Getting Started Johnnie Mae Matthews Dreamer Northern
Northern Johnnie Mae Matthews Ooh Wee Northern
Distants The Distants Come On Northern
Wheeling Betty Lavett My Man Atlantic
Timmy Shaw Timmy Shaw Thunder in my Heart Bon
Ollie Johnnie Mae Matthews Here Comes My Baby Blue Rock
Other Labels Cynthia & Imaginary 3 That's What I Am Big Hit
Black Nasty Black Nasty Cut Your Motor Off Big Hit
Motown Johnnie Mae Matthews My Little Angel Reel
Funk Bros. Johnnie Mae Matthews Interview - Jamerson
Her Recordings Johnnie Mae Matthews My Destination Northern
Mid 60s Johnnie Mae Matthews Worried About You Spokane
Her Man Johnnie Mae Matthews Don't Talk About My Man Big D
Limelight Johnnie Mae Matthews Momma Didn't Lie Big Hit
lgnored Johnnie Mae Matthews Cut Me Loose Art
Discography Johnnie Mae Matthews Lonely You'll Be Jam

Label and Number - Song Titles : A and B sides - Date

BRAX (The Five Dapps) Do Whop A Do / You're So Unfaithful 1958

NORTHERN 3727 Dreamer / Indian Joe c.1959

NORTHERN 3729 Mr Fine / Someday c.1959

NORTHERN 3736 Ooh Wee / Give Me True Love c.1960

NORTHERN 3742 So Lonely / Help Me 10/1960

REEL 3743 Oh, Baby / You Worry Me ?

GLODIS 1004 Oh, Baby / You Worry Me ?

REEL 3745 No One Can Love Me / No More Tears ?

REEL 112 The Headshrinker / My Little Angel 10/1961

SUE 755 The Headshrinker / My Little Angel 1/1962

REEL 119 Oh Mother / Come Home 8/1962

REEL 120 (With Timmy Shaw) I Don't Want Your Loving (Parts 1 & 2) 3/1963

REEL 122 Lonely Road / I Won't Cry Any More 9/1963

NORTHERN 4736 No Body Business (What I Do) / My Destination (It True Love) 6/1963

SPOKANE 4008 Worried About You / Itty Bitty Heart 2/1964

BLUE ROCK 4001 Baby What's Wrong / Here Comes My Baby 10/1964

BLUE ROCK 4011 My Man / Can't Live Without You c. 1965

BIG D 855 Don't Talk About My Man / He Really Loves Me ?

AUDREY 100 Luck Walked Through My Door / Love Hides All Faults ?

AUDREY 112 (With Joe L. Carter) My Life Story / Don't Cry Baby ?

JAM 103 Lonely You'll Be / That's What My Man is For 6/1967

ART 002 (& The Wonderetts) Cut Me Loose / Lonely You'll Be 1967

ATCO 6528 (& The Wonderetts) Cut Me Loose / Lonely You'll Be 1967

ART 003 Got to be on (Your Case) / You're the One c. 1967

BIG HIT 104 Two-sided Thing / You Make Me Feel Good ?

BIG HIT 105 I Have No Choice / That's When it Hurts ?

BIG HIT 108 My Momma Didn't Lie / You're The One ?

BIG HIT 111 Don't be Discouraged / Don't be Discouraged ?

NORTHERN 10039 It's Good / Come on Back 1979

COTILLION 45010 It's Good / Come on Back 1979

NORTHERN 10040 I Can Fell It / Crazy About You 5/1980

Notes thanks to Graham Finch

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