The Johnnie Mae Matthews Story
Timmy Shaw

A Michigan Chronicle clipping from April, 1964, and some of Timmy's recordings. 

Johnnie Mae's chief song-writing collaborators were James Bennett and Timmy Shaw (Jake Hammonds Jr.) who also got involved in producing. Timmy recorded some fine songs and is best known for his Wand hit, Gonna Send You Back To Georgia, which climbed Billboard's chart at the beginning of '64. It's one song that Johnnie Mae had a hand in writing which perpetually brings home royalties after being covered by various artists, such as the British group, The Animals. Collectors might like to know Timmy's version was originally released as "City Slick" on the B-side of an Audrey label 45 before Wand changed the title to something more appropriate.

Timmy Shaw
"Thunder in My Heart"

His first 45 was on Audrey back in 1960, titled Hey Baby b/w Taste Of The Blues. In '62 he cut a great double-sided and highly collectable Bon label 45 - Thunder In My Heart, which is a solemn, deep and compelling recording that reverberates with the Blues. The flipside is a slight contrast; No More has far more pace and bounces along with an early Soul sound, with Timmy again in fine form.

His 1961 Reel disc, Throw It Out Of Your Mind, was picked up by Josie and there were follow-up discs on both Josie and Wand. He also recorded a jocular duet on Reel with Johnnie Mae in '61, titled I Don't Want Your Loving. The pair would often tour and perform together, and this song - particularly side 2 - gives listeners a glimpse of their bonhomous camaraderie.

Later in the Sixties Timmy recorded a duet with Chuck Holiday titled You Better, plus one 45 on jock Martha Jean "The Queen" Steinberg and partner Pete Hall's local Premium Stuff label. It was yet another duet, this time with "Little Melvin" Walton; a song Johnnie Mae co-wrote and produced with Timmy not long before his untimely death in March, 1986.

Notes thanks to Graham Finch

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