Studios of Sixties Detroit
Lay of the Land

The star marks the site of Hitsville USA on West Grand Blvd

map courtesy : area covered by map, 7.5 miles square

In the mid-fifties, Detroit was at it's peak. A population of two million were making  a good living from a manufacturing base surrounding the automobile industry.

This prosperity forced change however and the lure of new housing on the edge of the city began to put pressure on the  budget of the City Fathers. By 1960 25% of the population had moved out. 

African Americans had also been moving from the lower east side to the west side, and in particular between Grand River and Woodward.

This area would become the focal point for the Sixties Music Industry. 

On the map, Woodward is the orange line which runs north from the bottom right hand corner. Grand River is the green line running north east between the number 10 and the number 5.

To be more specific, most of our sites lie within the following parameters :-

Start on Woodward, about two miles from the river. Head north on Woodward for four miles where it meets McNichols (6 mile road). Travel three miles west to Wyoming then three miles south to Grand River From there, head four miles south east towards our starting point.

Notes thanks to David Meikle.



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