Top Twenty Records

from the City of Detroit

It has been well documented that creating a list of one's top twenty records is always difficult and ultimately impossible.

On the Soul Scene we have been spoiled for choice which makes it even more difficult, but here's mine anyway :-

Billie Kennedy - 'This is a groovy generation' (Thelma)

Bob & Fred - 'I'll be on my way' - (Big Mack)

Bobby Taylor & the Vancouvers - 'Don't be afraid' (Gordy album track)

Dena Barnes - 'If you ever walk out of my life' (Inferno)

Deon Jackson - 'When your love has gone' (Carla)

Edwin Starr - 'Back Street' (Ric Tic)

Gwen Owens - 'Just say you're wanted and needed' (Velgo)

Jimmy 'Soul' Clark - 'I'll be your champion' (Soulhawk)

Jock Mitchell - 'Not a chance in a million' (Impact) 

Lorraine Chandler - 'What can I do?' (RCA) 

Rose Batiste - 'Hit and run' (Revilot)

Silky Hargreaves - 'Hurt by love' (D Town)

Tammi Terrell - 'This old heart of mine' (Motown)

The Hesitations - 'She won't come back' (Kapp)

The Isley Brothers - 'Why when love is gone' (Tamla)

The Masqueraders - 'How' (La Beat)

The Precisions - 'Such Misery' (Drew)

The Royal Jokers - 'Love game A-Z' (Wingate)

Theresa Lindsey - 'Gotta find a way'  (Correc-tone)

Yvonne Vernee - 'Just like you did me' (SonBert)

Notes thanks to David Meikle.



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