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There are of course many underground music scenes in the world today, and it will always be difficult to identify who has the most loyal fans.

However, a gentleman from the East Coast of Scotland, paid 15,000  for Frank Wilson's 'Do I love you' on the Motown subsidiary label, Soul. With an exchange rate at the time of $1.60, this makes the purchase price an incredible $24,000.

This figure is way beyond that paid for a 45 r.p.m. record anywhere else in the world. It is one of the most popular records in the history of the scene and for many years was featured weekly at the Wigan Casino all-nighter.

Only two copies have been discovered, and both are in the United Kingdom.

The collection of rare records has been the main feature on the scene since day one. Here's some more examples from Detroit :-

The Andantes - Like a nightmare (VIP) 3,000 ($4,200)

Herman Lewis - Who's kissing you tonite (Stone Blue) 1,500 ($2,100)

The Magnetics - Lady in green (Bonnie) 1,500 

The Precisions - Sugar ain't sweet (Drew) 1,500 

Lester Tipton - This won't change  (La Beat) 1,000 ($1,400)

Dennis Edwards - Johnny on the spot (International Soulsville) 1,000 


listing courtesy Soulful Kinda Music

frank wilson 'scan' courtesy Seabear Studios . The record was never formally released, so this must be touched up. If anyone has a decent pic of one of the 2 surviving demos I will gladly replace above. Until then thanks to Seabear.

Notes thanks to David Meikle.



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