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By the mid sixties, the seeds of a new music genre, planted by Berry Gordy Jr. of Detroit, had taken the world by storm.

Little Stevie Wonder, the Supremes, the Four Tops,  the Temptations..... names that would be emblazoned across the marquees of the world, emerged from their humble origins in the ghettoes of Detroit and crossed the racial divide to capture the hearts and souls of people all over the  world.

As a result of Motown's success, record companies blossomed all over Detroit and as many as 400 labels plied their wares during that fruitful era.

Many were unsuccessful, but their product was of such high quality, that it has been sought after by tens of thousands of fans in the United Kingdom. 

Those fans form a cult known as The Northern Soul Scene.  It was christened Northern Soul at The Twisted Wheel club in Manchester, England, in 1971, due to the fact that those enjoying the music were mainly based in the North of England.

For thirty years now the Northern Soul Scene has survived, and is actually peaking again, as fans flock back to listen to the music of their youth.  

Indeed, the music has played such a big part in my own life, that it  led me to the  streets and buildings where it was all created...... The City of Detroit.

Notes thanks to MWRB.

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