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    Philly Re-Grooved Vol 3: More From The Master: The Tom Moulton Remixes

    When we started the Philly Re-Grooved series back in 2011 it was because we had access to the Philly Groove catalogue and access to Tom Moulton. The success of ‘Philly Re-Grooved Vol 1’, then led to ‘Philly Re-Grooved Vol 2’ which then made us hassle Philadelphia International which then led to ‘Philadelphia International Classics: The Tom Moulton Remixes’ and it suddenly felt like we were really in the Philly music business for real.

    So, what next? We discussed with Moulton what he wanted to do next and, almost as importantly, what multi-track tapes could we get access to? The success of the previous 3 Harmless Tom Moulton releases opened a lot of doors and suddenly multi-tracks that had been under lock and key for the last four decades suddenly seemed tantalizingly close. So we started looking at a lot of stuff, some easier than others but, nonetheless, each and every track was hand-picked by the master.

    The result? Quite simply, one of the greatest albums we’ve ever heard. So good, we made it a double and added a couple more recent Philly recorded goodies for good measure.

    So get ready for a musical experience you won’t ever forget…………

    Philly Re-Grooved Volume 3: More From The Master: The Tom Moulton Remixes


    1. Could It Be I’m Falling In Love - The Spinners
    Tom Moulton Remix 6.37
    2. I’m Doing Fine Now - New York City
    Tom Moulton Remix 8.18
    3. Got To Get You Back - Sons Of Robin Stone
    Tom Moulton Remix 5.45
    4. Look Me Up - Blue Magic
    Tom Moulton Remix 10.24
    5. I Just Can't Say Goodbye - Philly Devotions
    Tom Moulton Remix 6.42
    6. Standing Right Here - Melba Moore
    Tom Moulton Remix 9.00
    7. When The Game Is Played On You - Bettye Swann
    Tom Moulton Remix 10.27
    8. I Can't Fight Your Love - The Modulations
    Tom Moulton Remix 8.28
    Bonus Track:
    9. The Way You Love Me - Marc Evans
    Exclusive Tom Moulton Philly Re-Grooved 2013 Remix 12.54


    1. Be Thankful For What You've Got - William DeVaughn
    Tom Moulton Remix 9.19
    2. One Of A Kind [[Love Affair) - The Spinners
    Tom Moulton Remix 5.49
    3. Quick, Fast In A Hurry - New York City
    Tom Moulton Remix 5.15
    4. Making Love Ain't No Fun - The Ebonys
    Tom Moulton Remix 8.14
    5. Babe - Loose Change
    Tom Moulton Remix 8.06
    6. Jack In The Box - David Morris Jr.
    Tom Moulton Remix 7.39
    7. Kiss My Love Goodbye - Bettye Swann
    Tom Moulton Remix 8.17
    8. Hold Back The Night - The Trammps
    Tom Moulton Remix 6.29

    Bonus Track:

    9. Soul Recession - Double Exposure
    Exclusive Tom Moulton Philly Re-Grooved 2013 Remix 9.10


    Out on the 13/05/13.

    Looks like a lovely summer folks!

    Ian D

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    So many of these tracks are among my favorite hometown songs. About the only thing that might make them better is making them longer and you now have the maestro Tom Moulton to seamlessly do that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimBagley View Post
    So many of these tracks are among my favorite hometown songs. About the only thing that might make them better is making them longer and you now have the maestro Tom Moulton to seamlessly do that.
    Well that was pretty much the plan Jim. There's not many good things about the music biz these days but this is sure one of 'em! Ian D

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    Many of my faves there. The Moulton Philly remix 4-CD-er has to be one of my most played sets of the last few years. Keep em coming!

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    Quote Originally Posted by soulwally View Post
    Many of my faves there. The Moulton Philly remix 4-CD-er has to be one of my most played sets of the last few years. Keep em coming!
    It was my favorite release last year and I still play it continuously.

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    Release date of Philly Re-Grooved Volume 3: More From The Master: The Tom Moulton Remixes has been changed from May 13th to May 28th

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    Finally out fellas and looking good!

    Went in @ No.19 on the first midweek yesterday, No.25 today. If no one's bought this yet, can you buy it now please then we can be in the Top 40 come next Monday

    Ian D

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    Mine's arrived today, just up to track 6, CD1. Sounding mighty mighty good. I'm going to stick my full set of Tom Moulton remixes together, put them on shuffle, and I reckon it'll be ideal poolside listening when I hit sunny Portugal in four weeks, a much-needed holiday for Mrs Soulwally and I.

    Thanks to everyone involved, and particularly Mr Moulton, who really knows how to deconstruct and reconstruct a tune.

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    Like Soulwally I've played my way through the first part of CD1 so far. What Tom has done with New York City's "I'm Doin' Fine Now" is amazing.....turning a 2'50" compact [[perhaps over familiar) hit into a 8'18" majestic epic.

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    I checked the cdimports site and it's not available yet. But I did order the first two volumes...

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    Found it in my mailbox after coming back from the holidays! Will listen tonight

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    Despite one review suggesting that 'Soul Recession' by Double exposure was a reflection of the economic issues in the US late 70's, it was actually recorded in 2008 and reflects the recession that started the week of the recording!!

    Last edited by 55Motown; 07-02-2013 at 01:26 PM.

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    This is the original Radio Announcer mix:


    and this is another cut from the same session called 'There I go falling in love again' by Chiquita Green:


    BUT!!! The Tom Moulton Philly re-grooved 3 double CD is out of this world. These remixes give a refreshing new lease of life to some classics that I would normally say 'leave alone'...but, I am glad that my song writing now encompasses an original that can be possibly re mixed at a later date.

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    Now that I've given it a few listens the tracks really exciting me are Melba Moore's Standing Right Here and the Modulations' I Can't Fight Your Love. I'm ashamed to admit I hadn't heard either before, although I believe Standing is still a staple of Melba's live show [[and she still looks great)

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    Finally got mine and ripped it to computer. Can't get past the two Spinners cuts and the DeVaughn's Be Thankful. These are three favorites of mine, and it would be impossible to improve their perfection, but Tom did the impossible here and I am repeatedly playing those three cuts. I'm putting it on my MP3 now and will listen to the whole CD while driving.

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    I had this finally ,for 3 weeks ,listening , no dabbling in the Spinners tracks and Be Thankful and Blue Magic ,Look Me Up.....in stereo. Tonite I was in the mindset to really get into those tracks in 6.1 decoded Dolby. There is no other way to say it , but Gawdamn. All I needed was TOM to be sitting in the other chair jamming and sipping cognac with me. What a alternate perspective you have to these recordings ,if you really are into how the originals were made and the way TOM gives you insite to the guts that you have heard deep in the original mixes ,but here they are right in yo face. God bless you TOM for that.

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    I just got it a couple weeks ago [[Aug/2013) and have been playing it to death. I'm very leery about wanting my favorite music re-mixed, but Tom did it! The Spinners and New York City tracks are my favorites, just unreal. The William DeVaughn re-mix is fabulous, too, as are all the others. Great CD set.

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    I'm like others in my favourite choices after further listens. The two Spinners tracks are particularly good, although I prefer 'Could It Be I'm Falling In Love'. As I've said before, New York City's 'I'm Doin' Fine Now' is fabulous. I actually think that William DeVaughn's 'Be Thankful' gets top prize. Tom's turned a rather muddy sounding single into a 9 minute masterpiece. The sound on all the instruments and vocal is sparkling and rather than moving sections around as he often does, what Tom has created is a full length version with initial vocal, instrumental break and return to vocal at end that sounds like it was the way the song was, and should have been, created in the first place. Brilliant.

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    It would be nice to have just one more 2 disc project to tie up those loose ends. You know ,the recordings you like and that you wonder how T.M. would remix it. Hearing the Spinners tracks ,I would like to see "Just Cant Get You Out Of My Mind" and the ballard ," I Could Never Repay Your Love". Thom Bell provided a deep well of tracks to work with ,with his awsome arrangements and production. There is also a track by Archie Bell and The Drells on the Dance Your Troubles Away lp , "I Won't Leave You Honey Never". Sounds like it was written for the O Jay's , I could hear Eddie tearing it up ,but Archie is good on it also.

    Yeah , a 2 disc set. One disc of extended ballards and one disc of TOM's personal Philly favorites .

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