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Hi all, I havenít posted in ages, but I still check in from time to time. Tonight, as I read through this thread, I thought Iíd add my two cents:

Wonderful One Ė Supremes
Just Ainít Enough Love Ė Andantes
Iím Hooked Ė Not Supremes
Blue Cinderella Ė I used to think it was the Supremes, but I donít think it is. Weíd need to isolate the background vocals and give it another spin. But I donít think itís the Supremes

As for the Primettes, I have a list around here somewhere, Iíll need to find it. It was going to go into the Meet The Supremes booklet.
Hi Andy
Any luck finding your listing for "Meet..."? I compiled the original list that's been resurrected above