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    Interview with gerald alston of the manhattans

    Hello everyone! Below is a link to my interview with Gerald Alston of the Manhattans. I hope you enjoy.


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    Thanks, funkyone. I am a huge fan of his. I mentioned him in the "underrated singers" thread and wish he got more attention from fans of soul and R&B.

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    Nice work, Stephen.

    That's my brother and life-long friend Gerald.
    Finally, the gospel album he's always wanted to do, that's some good news!

    UNSUNG Televison Show is doing an episode on "The Manhattans", I just got through Fed-Exing them my album, they wanted to use my photo's of "Smitty" & "Gerald", lots of them, lol...........

    Here's one of me & Gerald ~
    Name:  Jeanie  Gerald.jpg
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    One of my very favorite lead singers and group. I'm not familiar with Smitty's voice. Can anyone recommend an album with Smitty?


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    Hi Tyrone,
    Here are some albums with "Smitty" ~
    Name:  Album wall.jpg
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    Name:  1.jpg
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    Name:  3.jpg
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    *Hopefully, clearer copies ~
    Name:  01.jpg
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    Name:  the_manhattans-follow_your_heart.jpg
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    The ones in previous posts are all on vynal LP and CD.

    "Smitty" & The Manhattans ~
    Name:  The Manhattans   1966.jpg
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    "Smitty" & Me ~
    Name:  Smitty  Jeanie 3.jpg
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    Personal Photo's c. Jeanie Scott [[Not for reproduction).

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    I hope we didn't hi-jack your thread.
    Gerald is a great guy as well as a great singer!!


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    Two of my favorite performances by anyone were "The Way We Were" on the Manhattans' "Love Talk" LP and "Forever By Your Side" on the LP of the same name. Both of them were almost solo performances by him and they are two of the most emotionally strong singing performances that I ever heard. In fact, I had "Forever By Your Side" sung in my wedding although I was probably the only one who had heard it before.

    Again, I really appreciated the interview. I also love Soul Sister's photos and recollections. In the words of Napoleon Dynamite: "Lucky!!!"

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    Jerry Oz,
    In the live show Gerald would 'solo' on "The Way We Were" combined with "Memories", he would back off the microphone at the bridge and sing from about 5 feet away, it is a killer performance! He also did a 'solo' on "Neither One of Us" another killer performance. "Memories/The Way We Were" is one of my top favs too.
    I always dug "Forever By Your Side" too, but my favorite from that album is "Is It Just The Lonely Talking".
    Gerald did sooo many great songs, never tire of hearing them.
    On his 'solo albums' with Motown, my favorite track on the 3rd. album Always In The Mood, is "Nothing Can Change [[The Love We Shared Before)".
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    Name:  Gerald CD 3.JPG
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    Gerald deserves everything good life has to offer, he's one of the good guys, rare to find in the music business, he will always be close to my heart, my brother, my special friend. May God continue to bless him.
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    It's good to know that he is a good guy. He always comes off that way when I see him on television. I also love "Crazy" from "Forever By Your Side" in addition to "Just the Lonely Talking" [[which too many music fans believe to be a Whitney Houston cut). And the "Love Talk" album is one of the best records that I've ever heard. "That's Not Part of the Show", "Devil In the Dark", and "New York, New York" are just the first to come to mind. I can't begin to list my favorite Manhattans songs because there are so many. May God continue to bless you too, Soul Sister. You have made my day.
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    "That's Not Part Of The Show" hits home, love it for sentimental reasons.
    Yes, Love Talk is one of their best Gerald albums.


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    Gerald Alston is an all around class act! We met him years ago at Sweetwaters in NYC. Nicest guy and very humble.

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    Thanks Soul Sister, I will check out some of those classic albums.

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    You're welcome, Ryon6.


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    He also tears up A Change is Gonna Come. Love seeing the Manhattans whenever they came to the Dell in Philly but Smitty, well....................

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