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    That's an interesting read, blueskies, thanks for posting. She tells a good story. I feel so heartened [[yet again, in his case) By Dick Clark's response to racism back in the Sixties.

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    thanks for posting...I liked her version of "hey There Lonely Boy" the best. I think she had the original "When Your Young & In Love" & the follow up to Our Day Will Come was "Young Wings Can Fly" which I liked alot back in '63.

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    Young wings was the bomb,as was most of the songs they did,just a smooth relaxing summer sound from one of the greatest yet underrated groups ever,hey gang can you imagine what smokey would've done with this group at motown...ohhh boy!!

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    There was a time when Gladys Knight & the Pips were making records like Ruby & the Romantics. They had a sweet, pop sound, which was influentual even though Kapp records didn't know how to market them. But it doesn't get any better than Our Day Will Come. Many have tried, but they can't sing that song the way Ruby & the Romantics did.
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    First congrads go out to my friend Ruby, She still is a classy lady.
    They were the nicest group of people that you could meet.
    We became good friends, to this day I miss those guys.
    They were the sangiest guys in the business.
    We [[ The Tymes) and Ruby were inducted into the Vocal Group Hall Of Fame together.
    We were on that same tour that she is talking about, those were the days.
    We had lots of fun together. I lost touch with Ruby, after the induction, all my info was lost.
    I was so glad to read this article about her, If anyone deserves it They do.

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    Caesar, I was just thinking about you yesterday! I'll be in Philly for the Thanksgiving/Christmas Holidays. Will you be performing around that time? Let me know as I would love to see y'all.

    Ruby and the Romantics had that smooth sound just like the Tymes.

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    Hi Nosey,
    Good hearing from you to.
    Hope things are going well, health wise to.
    I know we have some things going on the holidays.
    I will let you know, stay well.
    Your Friend

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    That is an amazing story.

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