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    Thanks go out to everyone that came out for our shows at the Razz Room in San Francisco.

    We love you!

    RAT Jr & TNS

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    Good Evening Russell,Kenny and the New Stylistics...Wanted to share some great information with you.

    [[Sorry for posting the first message in the wrong Section.)

    ****************************PRESS RELEASE******************************************* ******

    Mr Abraham Wilson is honored to be appointed as a Director of The Monterey Bay Blues Festival.
    AS a Member of The Board Of Directors, Abraham will contribute his Leadership,Operational and Development Talents in Preserving America's Artform...The Blues.

    Willie Dixon said it best "The Blues are the root,everything else is the Fruit".

    Abraham will be involved in the extensive planning for a successful Festival occuring this year on Friday,Saturday and Sunday June 22-23-24 [[2012).

    The 2012 Festival showcases on The Main Stage The Talents of Music Legends Russell Thompkins Jr and The New Stylistics, Harold Melvin's Blue Notes, Rose Royce, Evelyn "Champagne" King, Charlie Musselwhite
    Kenny Neal, The Sounds Of Philadelphia-Jones Girls Plus Ten Additional Acts.

    Enjoy 40 more Classic Blues,Soul and R&B Performances on the Garden and Presidents Stages.

    There is no better time or occasion to visit the Beautiful Monterey Peninsula of California!
    You will not find this level of Talent in any other place except the Monterey Bay Blues Festival!

    For moe information, visit www.montereyblues.com

    Abraham "Smooth" Wilson, Director
    Monterey Bay Blues Festival

    ******************************PRESS RELEASE******************************************* ****
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    Hi Russell,Kenny, Goomba and The New Stylistics...

    What are the chances of getting all of you here early before your Blues Festival Performance?

    I would love the opportunity to show you and the Band some real Monterey Peninsula Hospitality.

    One Restaurant in Particular can't wait to have you as their Guest!...Hint... Hint...Hint... It's In The Bag!

    P.S How was the Clam Chowder,the Red Wine The Videos and The CD.

    Abraham Smooth Wilson, Director
    Monterey Bay Blues Festival

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    Good Morning Russell, Kenny, Jonathan, Raymond and Goomba...

    How is everything in Philadelphia?

    Looking forward to seeing all of you at the Monterey Bay Blues Festival....
    Going to be a Great Festival on June 22-23-24.

    Dress warm because Monterey can be seasonably COOL at that time of year...Definitely not East Coast Weather!


    Abraham Smooth Wilson, Director
    Monterey Bay Blues festival

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    Good Evening Russell,Kenny and the New Stylistics...

    How is everything on the East Coast?

    The Monterey Bay Blues Festival is working hard and long to assemble the Best Talent for This Years Festival.

    Still working on the Garden and Presidents Stage Talent.

    Complete line-up to be revealed very soon.

    Glad to have The Philly Family in The House!!!!

    Abraham Smooth Wilson, Director
    Monterey Bay Blues festival

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    Hi Abraham,

    All is well with the New Stylistics. Philly hasn't been much warmer than Monterey. We enjoyed the soup, wine, CDs and video. We are honored to be a part of the Jazz Festival. See you soon.


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    Good Morning Russell,Kenny and The New Stylistics

    Glad to know that all is well in Philadelphia.
    I am really looking forward to seeing all of you at the Monterey Bay Blues Festival.
    Let me know what day you will be arriving... Kenny has my contact information.
    If you can get here a little early,I would appreciate the opportunity to show you all our Beautiful Monterey Peninsula.
    My best to you all!

    Abraham Smooth Wilson, Director
    Monterey Bay Blues Festival

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    Look for RAT JR & TNS at the Bank United Center in Ft. Lauderdale FL on Mother's day 5/13/2012. William Hart of the Delphonics and Blue Magic are also on this show. Hope to see some of you there.

    RAT JR & TNS

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    Hi Russell,Kenny and The New Stylistics...

    Just attended a Meeting with the President of The Monterey Bay Blues Festival.
    Ms Paisant had nothing but good things to say about all of you...Especially the Falsetto of Russell.
    " Russell's voice sounds like he never aged... Crystal Clear"
    I agree 100% with my BOSS...See you all soon!

    Abraham Smooth Wilson, Director
    Monterey Bay Blues Festival

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    Thanks Abraham and thank your boss for me too. See you soon.

    RAT Jr.

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    Thanks go out to everyone that attended our Mother's Day concert at the University of Miami in Coral Gables Florida.

    We love you!

    RAT Jr & TNS

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    Email me..I cannot find your email address.....

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    Hi PianoMD

    Please check your email.
    Per your request you will find Both Of My Email addresses.

    Abraham Smooth Wilson

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    Hello everyone,

    Look for RAT Jr. & TNS at the South Orange Performing Arts Center on Friday June 1st at 8pm.

    SOPAC is located at:
    One SOPAC Way
    South Orange NJ 07079
    Tickets start at $45

    Hope to see some of you there.

    RAT Jr & The New Stylistics

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    Thanks to everyone who came out for the concert in South Organge NJ on Friday night. It was great!

    RAT Jr & The New Stylistics

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    Hey russell always good to talk to you,i have a question if i may..your voice reminds me of clyde mcphatter was he a big influence on you as a young singer at the start of your career?

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    Hi arrr&bee,

    All of those singers from Clyde's era had an influence on me. I attribute my style to listening to people like Billy Eckstein, Johnny Hartman, Sarah Vaughn, Gloria Lynn, Little Jimmy Scott, Dionne Warwick and Frank Sinatra. They all had very distinct styles which helped me to develope my style.

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    ***********************RUSSELL THOMPKINS JR AND THE NEW STYLISTICS****************************
    ********************MONTEREY BAY BLUES FESTIVAL SUNDAY NIGHT JUNE 24,2012**********************

    The best blues, soul and r&b in one location on the Beautiful Monterey Peninsula of California.

    It's going down this Friday,Saturday and Sunday June 22-23-24 in MONTEREY!


    For a complete Artist line-up go to www.montereyblues.com


    Abraham Smooth Wilson, Director
    Monterey Bay Blues Festival

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    Look forward to the performing on the MONTEREY BAY BLUES FESTIVAL on Sunday. See you then.

    RAT Jr. & TNS

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    Hello Russ, Florence, Piano Man, Goomba & The New Stylistics

    Michelle & I miss you guys

    Piano Man

    Happy Happy Anniversary to you
    May God continue to bless you with plenty more....

    Your #Cuz & family

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    ****************************Thank You Russell Thompkins Jr & The New Stylistics*********************

    The Monterey Bay Blues Festival sincerely thanks Russell Thompkins Jr & The New Stylistics for a great show in the Pattee Arena on Sunday June 24,2012!

    Kenny you are the best M.D!!!!!!

    My best to Jonathan, Raymond,Adrienne, Mike and the entire Stylistics Family.

    Come again... We would love to have you back!

    Russell it was my sincere pleasure to talk and spend a little time with you...thanks so much!

    ************************************************** ***************************************

    Abraham Smooth Wilson,Director
    Monterey Bay Blues Festival
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    Thanks go out to Abraham Wilson, the Monterey Bay Blues Festival and everyone who came out to see us.

    We love you!

    RAT JR & The New Stylistics

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    Hi Goomba...

    We are in total agreement that Russell And The New Stylistics are our Favorites in both the Performance and Friendship Categories!

    Looking forward to meeting you the next time you are on the West Coast.
    Sorry we didn't see you this trip...We had a Blast!

    It would be my Pleasure to show you some "Abraham Smooth Wilson Hospitality"

    Feel free to contact me via the Forum, Kenny or Russell who have all my private contact information.

    Abraham Smooth Wilson

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    ****************TO ALL MY PHILLY FAMILY ENJOY YOUR 4TH OF JULY middle of the Week Holiday************

    Eat all the Ribs-Brisket-Steak-Chops-Chicken-Seafood-Collard Greens-Turnip Greens-Mash Potatoes-Cole Slaw you can get your hands on!

    And if I left out anything ENJOY That TOO!!!!

    Abraham Smooth Wilson
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    What's on the menu for the 4th of July? ...Check out my suggestions in the prior Post!

    Russell... I took care of your requests... How Do I get the changes to you?

    Kenny... Check your email.

    Goomba...Looking forward to meeting you!

    Florence...Keep these Guys in Line!

    Abraham Smooth Wilson

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    Hey guys,

    Last month I saw where you're gonna be in D.C. this month.

    Is that confirmed..... and is that as close as you'll be getting to Baltimore this summer?

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    Wishing everyone a great July 4th. Be safe, happy and healthy.

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    DC is confirmed.Tthat's the closest we'll be getting to Baltimore. Hope to see you there.

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    ******************* 2013 MONTEREY BAY BLUES FESTIVAL TALENT ACQUISITION QUEST******************

    Now that the 27th Annual Monterey Bay Blues Festival is completed we are planning for next years Festival.

    The Festival will be held on Friday,Saturday and Sunday June 21-22-23, 2013 in Beautiful Monterey, California.

    Give me your opinions as to Talent that is a great Fit for the Monterey Bay Blues Festival.

    I value the opinions and advise of Soulful Detroit Members.

    Do you know of some really great Blues,Soul,Gospel, R&B and Pop GEMS for Consideration?

    I cannot promise their selection...But Unique, Special, Proven Talent Always Speaks Loudly!


    There is a Ton of Great Talent out there...Talk To Me...Contact Me


    For information on the Monterey Bay Blues Festival go to www.montereyblues.com

    Abraham Smooth Wilson, Director
    Monterey Bay Blues Festival
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    ******************************PHILLY GOT HIDDEN TALENT?*************************************

    Someone out there knows of Talent suitable for consideration of the 2013 Monterey Bay Blues Festival!

    The Festival will be held on Friday,Saturday and Sunday June 21-22-23 in Beautiful Monterey,California.

    Contact me if you got the RIGHT STUFF TO FILL THE SEATS!

    I cannot guarantee your selection but if your talent is immense you have a shot at being a performer!

    Contact me at awilsonmusic@aol.com or send a message to my private mailbox here at Soulful Detroit.

    I want to hear from you...

    Abraham Smooth Wilson, Director
    Monterey Bay Blues Festival

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    Hey SDF:

    Check out a new song by Russell called "If I had three wishes" on youtube. Sorry I had trouble posting the link.

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    Hey SDF:

    Next Show: Friday July 20th, Howard Theatre, Washington DC, 8:00pm

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    Hi Goomba

    I just listened to "If I Had Three Wishes" on You Tube and I like it!

    As always Russell is in Good Voice and the Melody and Lyrics are warm and inviting.

    No such thing as too many Great Love Songs!

    Will this song be part of a New Cd?

    Abraham Smooth Wilson

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    Quote Originally Posted by goomba View Post
    Hey SDF:

    Check out a new song by Russell called "If I had three wishes" on youtube. Sorry I had trouble posting the link.
    If I may......


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    Hi Smooth:

    The new CD is coming out soon but I am not sure it made the cut on this one but "IF I HAD THREE WISHES" is number 11 on The Beach Music Top 40 Chart. WOW Beach Music. Check this out: JEALOUSY from the " Matter of Style" CD hit number 1 last year and the number 1 song today is by L.J.Reynolds "COME GET TO THIS/STEPPIN’ OUT TONIGHT". WOW Beach Music now I have to go to the BEACH.
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    Good Afternoon Goomba...

    Thanks for the update on the position of "If I Had Three Wishes" and "Jealousy" on the Charts... Congratulations to Russell!

    When will I have the pleasure of meeting you out here in California?

    My Best to you, Russell, Florence, Kenny, Jonathan, Raymond, Adrienne, Mike, Gary and the entire Philly Family.

    Abraham Smooth Wlson

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    Thanks go out to everyone who came out to the Howard Theater in DC last night.

    We love you!

    RAT Jr. & The New Stylistics

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    Look for RAT Jr & TNS tomorrow at the:
    Harry Chapin Lakeside Theatre

    Stewart Avenue and Merrick Avenue, East Meadow, NY 11554
    Phone: 516 572-0348

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    Thanks to everyone who came out to the Harry Chapin Theater in NY last night.

    We love you!

    RAT Jr. & TNS

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    Name:  1-2012_07_27-New Stylistics_0108.jpg
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    Saturday night, it was my pleasure to once again witness the performance of the legendary Russell Thompkins Jr. & The New Stylistics & as always, it was a stellar performance.

    I arrived at Harry Chapin Theatre & was confronted by a atmospheric scene. This park is as beautiful as it is huge. I had been worried about the weather, as it had been a bit threatening most of the day but as I arrived, the sun was shining bright & there was a huge crowd present to see Russell Thompkins Jr. & The New Stylistics.

    Having never been to the venue, I didn't know what to expect, but as I approached the stage I saw the crowd & if you've ever been to a concert at Wingate Field in Brookly or Asser Levy Park in Coney Island to see a concert, we're talking about that kind of crowd, which means rather sizeable. I liked this crowd because they knew all of the songs & they responded heartily to all of the songs. I appreciated their enthusiasm throughout & their long standing ovation at the close of the set.

    Judging from their enthusiastic response, I feel safe in saying that Russell Thompkins Jr. & The New Stylistics are definitely welcome back in Long Island, just as they are in Atlantic City & everywhere else where great music & a classy, professional show is appreciated.

    Russell & The gang were in excellent voice & Russell knocked out that crowd with a vocal quality that remains the same as all of those hit 45s & LPs that we all loved so well. The passage of time has been exteemely kind to Russell...better yet, I should say that his commitment to his craft, as well as his respect for his vocal instrument & his music has allowed him to continue to sing those timeless classics in the manner that we've come to expect from him.

    Jonathan & Ray gave their usual excellent support for Russell & the way that they interact with the crowd as well as the fact that they always display their enjoyment for performing for their audience makes every Russell Thompkins Jr. & The New Stylistics a joy to behold.

    Then, there's the band, led by Kenny "Piano Man" Thompson. This band hits every cue on-point & keeps things chugging along. One of the biggest positives about seeing Russell Thompkins Jr. & The New Stylistics is the way that the band works in synch with Russell, Jon & Raymond. There are no missed cues, the dance steps are ALWAYS right on with the musical cues. Stated simply in 2 words...pure professionalism, ll of which combines to give their fans a pleasurable experience.

    As for the music, I don't need to name the hits because as a huge part of the fabric of our musical legacy, we know them all. I can't provide you with the sounds, but I can certainly provide you with the sights of Russell Thompkins Jr & The New Stylistics from Saturday night. I haven't done one of these since last year, so let's see if I still remember how to do this!
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    As I haven't seen Russell & the gang in awhile & haven't been able to get out too much these days, with them this close to my area, I wasn't going to miss catching them. And when I thought about the family vibe that's always present with Russell & the gang, I did something a little bit different & brought some company along.

    Having brought my grandson to visit his great-grandma, I decided that when I rode out to see Russell & The New Stylistics, I was going to bring my little buddy along. Everyone greeted him warmly & as he's a friendly little guy, that was right up his alley & he was right at home. With showtime rapidly approaching, Russell, Raymond & Jon graciously stopped to pose for this picture while on the way to the stage...

    Name:  2012_07_27-New Stylistics_0005_Fixed.jpg
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Size:  22.6 KB

    When he's old enough to understand what he experienced Saturday night, I believe that he's going to treasure this picture. Although I know that he's going to grow up with the new school, you know that with me for a grandpa, he's going to definitely know about the TRUE school, from whence it all began.

    Russell, Goomba & the gang, as usual it was great to see all of you. Between watching my little buddy because I don't want to miss a thing & dealing with home, I simply haven't been able to do too much of anything. With with all that's been going on, believe it or not, this show is the first one that I've shot all year. I decided that given the venue, I was going to make it even if I had to bring my little buddy along. I have to admit that it's hard for me to break away from the little fella. Fortunately, bringing him to see you guys just felt like the right thing to do. I have to say that he was a trooper while I was shooting & never complained, nor got in the way.

    Needless to say, this was a welcome respite & it felt good to be back in action again & really good to see all of you. And of course, it's always good to be able to report about yet another great performance given by Russell Thompkins Jr. & The New Stylistics.
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    Although I've resized the pictures & optimized them, for some reason, they don't seem to be as crisp as they are on my Flickr site. So if they're not as clear when you view them here, here's the link to this set which is up on Flickr:


  46. #346
    As always your pictures & words hit the mark!!
    You are truly a Professional

  47. #347

    Dam missed another show. I need to move to Philly
    Also love your outfits
    Can I have the number to your Tailor?
    Ok maybe not...but can I at lease borrow your suit?...I promise to return it....hehehehe
    As always a Class Act.
    Sound like you & the New Stylistics torn the roof off another house.
    You must be Bad....
    A Real Deal.

    Hello Florence & Goomba
    Hope you both are doing fine.
    Michelle & I will be in Philly later this year.
    Love you all
    Your #1 cuz & fan

  48. #348

    Thank you for those kind words.

    Honestyl, Russell & the gang are true professionals & they always put on one hell of a show. Personally, Russell & the crew always put on a great show & are really great people. I believe that they should be performing more often in New York & i hope that that will prove to be the case.

    They really deserve more stages here & elsewhere & I'm just doing my part to spread the good word. Russell & the crew definitely deserve it!

  49. #349

    As always, the pics are great. I am particularly fond of the one with your grandson. I think he's ready to become the 4th man in the group! Thanks for coming out to shoot the show. The guys lovde hanging out with you.

    My prayers are with your mom.

    Take care,


  50. #350

    Don't forget to email me that contact info. We are waiting to ship the goods


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