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    Me too, Russ. We just made hotel reservations this morning.

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    Happy Anniversary Piano Man

    May God bless you & yours with many more.
    Will see you tomorrow.
    your #1 Cuz

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    Dam Happy Anniversary KT, hope all is well, sounds like you guys are about to party. Jesse is a doll, Russ is way cool and uh.......Ralph is Ralph........

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    I'll be there on Friday:- congrats to you anLINDA

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    Kenny & Linda,

    Happy 25th. We wish you many more.

    Russell & Florence

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    Russ and crew,
    I am so looking forward to seeing you guys in two weeks. Russ can't make it but Smooth and I will be there with our wives. Hey Kenny, will you please contact me.

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    I should mention that it is our anniversary also. Paladin....you make me laugh....

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    Happy Anniversary to you and Jesse as well.........

    I get it Ralph, I get it....lol..........

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    Thanks Guys!!!!

    Hey Ralph email me so we can meet up....ktmpc@yahoo.com

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    Happy Anniversary Ralph & Jesse

    RATJr & TNS

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    Thanks guys, it is actually on July 1.

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    Hi Pianoman,
    Congrats to you both.
    Hope things are going well.

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    Hey Cesar> How are you! Tell the guys hi for me..
    Thanks for the Congrats

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    Nice party last night. Florence and I wish you and Linda all the best in the world.

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    Hey Ralph:

    Unfortunately, something unexpected has come up and I am not going to be at the show after waiting all this time for the the two GOOMBA's to finally meet. However, I was with Russ and Kenny at the anniversay party on Friday and reminded them to treat my GOOMBA buddy from the west coast with great respect when you meet Enjoy the show and we will connect next time!!!

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    Sorry to hear this, Goomba. I'm sure there will be another opportunity down the road.

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    It was great hanging out with you last weekend. Florence and I have to get to Detroit for a visit. You don't happen to have another car you want to sell,do you?

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    Have a safe, happy and healthy July 4th weekend.

    I'll be meeting Ralph today in Sacramento. Looking forward to it.

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    Russ, Florence, Goomba, Piano Man & Linda

    I had a wonderful time as always
    Thanks for spending time with Michelle & I
    As always we're looking for the next visit!!!


    I do not have another car available at this time.
    But who knows it might be the Corvette cause the Mustangs are really looking good this Year!!!!
    The reason is that GAS is really high!!!!

    your #1 cuz & family

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    I had the pleasure of meeting Russ and the guys yesterday. Stay tuned. I'll be starting a separate thread on yesterday's concert as soon as I get re-settled. Wowee, these guys blew it out of the park.

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    Me and the fellas were honored to meet you and your crew. You're a true Motown legend. Next time we'll have to make time to just hang out. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to come to see us. You're welcome at any of our shows at any time.

    Look forward to hanging out with you in the future.

    RATJr & TNS

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    You guys are the true legends. I will be seeing you again somewhere down the road. I found I had a camera function problem and of all the pictures I took, the only ones I can upload are of the sound check. The pics of me with you guys and Smooth with you guys won't upload because of sizing problems.

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    Hey Ralpht.
    I want to thank you for coming out to the show.It was indeed a pleasure to me you and crew.Sorry time was short,however we will do it again.Also thanks for the kind words about our show.We try to give the best show possible..Stay in touch and thanks again for everything....PIANODR...LOL

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    Look for RATJr & TNS at the Robin Hood Dell on July 21st. Hope to see some of our Philly friends there.

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    I'll be there with bells on.

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    Hey Nosey & SDF:

    The whole line-up is: The Delfonics, Jerry Butler, Jean Carne,
    The Jones Girls, Russell Thompkins and The Stylistics

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    Thanks to our family and friends for coming out to support us at the Robin Hood Dell.

    We love you!

    RAT Jr & TNS

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    I know they saw a dynamite show, Russ.

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    Thanks to all the folk who came out to the Robin Hood Dell....IT WAS HOT!!
    I am talking about our show...lol lol lol

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    Hey SDF: Next Stop:

    Atlantic City, New Jersey [[FREE) Summer Concert Series - at scenic Gardner's Basin. Saturday Aug. 6 at 1 p.m. until dusk. [[Raindate will be Sunday of the same weekend) - Headliners: Russell Thompkins and the New Stylistics, Joe Bataan's Salsoul Orchestra and D-Train; Opening acts: Special Occasion and the Mo' Better Revue and Motown Revue
    Presented by the R & B Music Society

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    PH, NY, NJ, DE SDFers,

    Hope to see some of you at the free concert tomorrow at Garners Basin in NJ. It's gonna be a blast!

    RAT Jr & TNS

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    Thanks go out to Vanessa Gaston and the R&B Foundation for bringing us into Garner's Basin in Atlantic City. It was a great day and everyone made us feel at home.

    We love you!

    RAT Jr & TNS

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    Hey SDF:

    Check out this site. It has footage and an interview with RATjr & TNS in Atlantic City at the concert on Saturday


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    Come out and enjoy The South Shore Summer Festival held on Saturday, August 20, 2011, 10am - 8pm. Located on 73rd Street between Stony Island Blvd. and Ridgeland Ave. Entertainment includes Russell Thompkins Jr. and The New Stylistics, Maggie Brown, Kim Stratton, Universal Jazz, Avian Hightower and Full Circle, The South Shore Drill Team and more. Kids activities between 12pm - 3pm at Woodhull Park, by the Chicago Park District. Enjoy Beer and Wine Garden, Food and Merchant vendors from the community and beyond. This festival is free to the public. For general information, call 773-955-9559 or for sponsorship info dial 312-642-4907. And check the website, southshorechamberinc.org/summerfestival2011 for up-to-date information.

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    Good morning PianoMD,
    I found out about the show coming this way a few days ago,in one of the free neighborhood papers. I passed the word last night when I was on the air doing my show, so hopefully there will be a lot of people coming out tomorrow night.

    Thanks !

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    Hey Gang

    For those who missing last Saturday's Concert.
    Russell did it Again!!!!
    I mean the Brother put it DOWN!!!!
    I did not have good time in South Shore Chicago!!
    I had a great time in South Shore Chicago!!!!!
    Do not goto a concert in Chicago.
    Do not goto a concert in the Windy City...
    You will not be able to hear a thing.
    They know how to party....
    The Chicago people are the Loudest group of people I've had ever heard.
    I could not hear the Concert & I was sitting in the second row!!!
    Guess that means they were partying or having a great time.
    Security had a hard time keeping them in their seats... With all the dancing, standing on chairs...Screaming...wow!!!

    You are the MAN...
    When I came to the Concert it was calm.
    I thought it was going to be another quiet day.
    Man, was I Wrong!!!!
    Chicago came to Party!!!
    The moment you started singing it send the audience into a frenzy!!!!
    I'm serious !!!!!
    You would have thought it was Beatle Mania

    Wow Russ
    You really know how to put on a show.
    The audience went Wild!!!!
    With all the screaming, yelling & singing I really could not hear the show.
    And I really was sitting in the second row!!! I want my money back....hehehehe
    Chicago really Loves Russell Thompkins & The New Stylistics....
    It was a job well done..
    See you at the next show.

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    Thank you South Shore Chicago for the fantastic show.

    We love you!

    RAT Jr & TNS

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    Bro. Russell,

    Peace & Blessings my Brother! I'm sure that if you saw my face, then you would know me from the neighborhood, on 29th Street, 1300 Block! Been knowing you practically all my life, and, remember when you, Herb, the Farmer Twins, and my "cousin", Arion, rehearsed in the basement before you made it big!!!

    Just wanted to touch base w/you, and ask that if you know any brothers who would like to be a part of a music project, to once again, bring another "supergroup" out of North Philly, then tell them to hit me up! I'm looking to get with 3 or 4 other men who can, and want to sing!

    I'm looking forward to hearing from you Bro. Russell, and, tell all the rest of the guys that Donnie, Yvonne Donerson's little brother said Hi!


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    Thank you Flint MI for coming out for the show yesterday.
    We love you!

    RAT Jr & TNS

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    Hey guys.....I'm tracking you like a Soul Hurricane.....and this rate you shld hit Bmore a little before Thanksgiving.....ehh?

    Hope all is well....... just saying hi to everybody from me and mine.

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    Russell Thompson Jr. and the New Stylistics,

    What an incredible show! I saw you all when you were entering the Atwood Stadium and my only regret is that I did not say anything. I was standing at the gate, awe struck.

    I lived in Philadelphia from 1972 -1979 [[16th & Allegheny Ave) and needless to say your sweet melodious voice soothe my wearing mind at night.

    Seeing and hearing you was and absolutely wonderful experience. When my husband offered to take me to the show, he knew I have been a long time fan. After hearing that you still have that outstanding vocal range and the new group is quite polished, we look forward to hearing great new music from you.

    This was supposed to be short but just had to let you know you all were a hit in Flint. Please "Hurry up this way again."

    # 1 Fan in Flint

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    Thank you Denise.

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    Russ, Florence, Goomba, Piano Man & Family

    Thanks for the wonderful time in the Motor City.
    Please come back!!!
    We love YOU!!!


    Michelle loves the song & sayes Florence thanks for the gift.
    Can't wait for the next meeting. Will see you both later this year.
    We love you all.
    Your #1 cuz & family.

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    Happy-Happy Anniversary
    Happy Anniversary & Good Cheers.
    Happy anniversary my dear cousins & good cheers.

    To the most beautiful & wonderful couple-God has ever joined together.
    May the Lord continue to grant you both long life & all the success in the years to come.

    Russ & Florence
    Michelle & I really love you both & hope you really enjoy your special day.
    Give a special toast to the Thompkins family. Amen

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    Hey Tory & Michelle,

    We thank you for the congrats. 40 years and counting. Time flies when you're having fun!

    Russell & Florence

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    All my best wises on your 40th anniversary. wishing you both another 40.

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    Russell and Florence
    May God continue to bless and keep you both in his loving care.
    Marriage is one of God's Holy Commitments and you have been Faithful.
    I will keep you both in my prayers.
    Next year June 15,2012 My wife Rita and I will have been married 38 years ...
    So you have 2 years on us!!!
    Russell you always were 2 steps ahead of me and everyone else...Smile.
    Count your Blessings Today and Everyday!

    Abraham Smooth Wilson

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    We want to wish our favor Couple a Happy Anniversary!!.
    Many More to Come..
    WE LOVE YA!!!!!!!!

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    Happy Anniversay to you both You're family See you this weekend And let me be first to say Happy Birthday [[Sat 9/24) to your lovely Wife Ms. FLO

  50. #250
    Thanks everyone for the good wishes.

    Russell & Florence


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