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    I know, old school was the best school, "its the shoes", its the shoes" lol ....but you guys remain current and continue to perform the best music of our lives, thanks again for all the happiness you guys bring, its very much appreciated. Give the fellas my regards.......although you are still missing one, I'm sure he travels with you guys in spirit.

    [[photo below)
    ***L-R Chauncey, RTJr, Jerome, Robert


    ***ok if they don't know they better ask somebody !!!!! ROTFLMAO

    Guess "PianoMan" will have to wait until I find his doppelganger........but I'm looking
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    Hey Russell:

    Stacy Adams came after those elementary school Brogans right
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    Name:  S5000527.JPG
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    Just getting up to speed with the new format with a couple of images of the great man........ snapped at the Liverpool Philly last year. Andy [[UK)

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    These are some nice shots from the Liverpool gig.

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    They wouldn't let me into the gym dances with the bros on. I quickly had to move on to the Stacy Adams.

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    Sorry for the delay. It's been busy sledding lately, especially with the new grandson.
    Here are a few from "A Tribute With Legends"...

    Name:  DSC_8904.jpg
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    Name:  DSC_8905.jpg
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    Russell & Lloyd Parks
    Name:  DSC_8906.jpg
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    Two Champions - Russell & Smokin' Joe Frazier
    Name:  DSC_8908.jpg
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    Russell & TRU, an excellent group
    Name:  DSC_8910.jpg
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    Russell with Tim Marshall of The Rhythm & Blues Showcase
    Name:  DSC_8929.jpg
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    Russell, Tim & up & Comers Ju-Taun
    Name:  DSC_8943.jpg
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    Russell, singer Marilyn Marshall & Ju-Taun
    Name:  DSC_8945.jpg
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    Russell & Bob Davis of Soul Patrol
    Name:  DSC_8975.jpg
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    Russell, Joe Frazier & Bob Davis
    Name:  DSC_8978.jpg
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    Russell, Joe Frazier & Bob Davis
    Name:  DSC_8979.jpg
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    Name:  DSC_8942.jpg
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    Russell & the old group were certainly popular with the 'Kool Jazz Festival' crowds back in the mid 70's ......
    Attachment 873
    Attachment 874
    I wonder if he can recall these shows at all ??

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    You always come through with the nice pics. The Legends gala was a good night.

    Thanks for posting them.

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    75' & 76' was a longggg time ago. While I don't remember specifics from the shows, I do remember that the Kool Jazz people treated us great.

    Where did you get the posters?

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    Russell, I try not to bother you too much, but I was talking to my brother Robert tonight he is in Toledo,Ohio and we both remember back in the 70's when you and the guys performed with New Birth at our high school [[Scott High). But you also did this tremedous performance at the Valentine Theater and on the bill was a local group called "Black Velvet" some of it's members were close family friends of ours. I am not asking if you remember those shows or those times. Just wanted to let you know that you made lifelong fans with us from all those years ago!


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    Thanks and I do remember Black Velvet. Good group. Whatever happened to them?

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    ....... those Kool Jazz posters are on-line in old newspapers [[they were ads to help sell tickets for the shows).
    ANOTHER Q: Did you just turn up on the day of your performance & then move on [[going home or onto the next gig)
    ... OR ... did you get the chance to stay around a while & hang out with the other acts ??
    ........ ........ [[the Kool Jazz Festivals being 2 or 3 day long affairs)

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    Hey Russell,

    You know that it's my pleasure, as it is an honor to be able to spread the good word about you & the New Stylistics. With that said, I do have one bone to pick with you.

    My bone is that you packed Gardners Basin to the max & as you saw, there was absolutely NOWHERE for me to stand & take pictures in front of the stage. That's why I had to spend the entire show on-stage with you guys. So while I was able to get some nice close up video, the angles for the pictures wasn't what I'd have liked for them to have been.

    So that's my bone. Had you not totally packed that place, I'd have had room to get some great shots. I guess that a wall-to-wall packed house where barely anyone can move is far more preferable to my having some prime real estate, so, I won't complain about that. I didn't stand a ghost of a chance getting any pictures in the midst of that crowd. Wait until you see the video of that crowd!

    As always, it was great seeing all of you & I'm very proud of your receiving the proclamation "Russell Thompkins Jr. Day" from the Mayor of A.C. It was a very hard-earned award & a most well-deserved award.

    And I agree with the Mayor as regards the professionalism displayed by Russell Thompkins Jr. & The New Stylistics. From where I sit, there's just not enough good things & acknowledgements that can come the way of Russell Thompkins Jr. & The New Stylistics.

    I know that there are many other people who feel exactly as I do.

    My intent was to follow those pictures with pictures of the show. Unfortunately, I had to rush my mother to the E.R. & am just getting home after spending 8 1/2 hours there. I just wanted to stop by & acknowledge you because I'll be running back & forth to the hospital. If all goes as I believe that it will, hopefully for no more than 2 or 3 days.

    As you once sang, "I'm keeping my fingers crossed"!

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    Great shots as always Juice. I've been in your shoes very recently and I hope your Mom gets better soon. Good Luck my friend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ratjr View Post

    Thanks and I do remember Black Velvet. Good group. Whatever happened to them?
    You do? Well they ended the group some time ago. Chuck Sibby one of their priniciple singers passed away several years ago. Gloria and the other members are still around. I'll ask my brother Robert later today. Thanks Russell!

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    We came in for the date and left next day to go on to another gig.

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    For one, congrats on the new grandson. For two we all wish your mom a speedy recovery. Florence was wondering how you were getting pictures holding on to a pole with one hand and the camera in the other!

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    Have a safe, happy and healthy holiday.

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    Hello Russ, Florence & Goomba... I'm finally in!!!!

    Had a wonderful time in New Jersey and an even better time in Philly. Russ, you and Florence know how to make a fella feel welcome in Philly. Goomba I'm gonna get ya about that picture @ Piano Man's house. Hehehehee
    What ever happen to Piano Man or TFFP? I don't see a reply from either of them!!!
    Well I'll be back in Philly this December. Take care.

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    Hey SDF: Next Stop


    Classic Soul Concert Featuring Russell Thompkins, Jr. & The New Stylistics

    Join us - one night only - an enchanting, soulful evening for a classic soul concert featuring the original lead singer Russell Thompkins, Jr. & The New Stylistics, Delfonics, and Black Ivory.

    8 PM - 11 PM

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    Hey Cuz,

    We know how to treat our peeps when they come to Philly. You owe me some drive time in the vette! See you and Michelle in Dec.

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    Hey Florence
    You don't have to tell me twice.
    I owe you alot!!!
    You & Russ both took good care of me.
    I've told Michelle, I'm thinking about putting your name on the title...lol...Hehehehee

    I already got a set of keys for ya!!!

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    Hold on to the keys. I may have to make a special trip to the Motor Town to pick them up!

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    SDF Reminder tommorrow night:


    Classic Soul Concert Featuring Russell Thompkins, Jr. & The New Stylistics

    Join us - one night only - an enchanting, soulful evening for a classic soul concert featuring the original lead singer Russell Thompkins, Jr. & The New Stylistics, Delfonics, and Black Ivory.

    8 PM - 11 PM

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    Do what you do BEST!!! and give Boston the best show they have ever seem.
    Your Shows are always the BEST!!!!

    Hello Boston....You are in for a real TREAT!!!
    I wish I was there!!! lol
    Hello Ms. Flo

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    Just got finished watching the Sytlistics on Soul Train from back in 1972. Classic performance.

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    Oh Man..Oh Man...Oh Man...Oh Man
    And what a beautiful nite!!! Oh Saturday night!!
    How I wished that I was in Boston tonight!!!
    One of the Greastest shows ever...
    How we missed you in the Motorcity this year...Russ
    Man, Boston is sure lucky!!!
    Russell in the House!!! Tonight!!!!
    There's fire works in Boston Mass Tonite!!!

    I Know Russ & The New Stylistics are throwing down in Boston!!!!
    The roof is on fire and they don't need water cause Russell Thompkins Jr & The Gang is in the House!!!

    Hey Russ sing those songs...Betcha By Golly, You Are Everything, Children Of The Night, Stone In Love....etc
    I know the crowd is going Crazy.... And how about those Standing Ovations!!!
    Please Goomba know me know how the show goes.....
    There's a spark of magic in Boston tonite!!!!!
    Candyland will appears each time the crowd smiles......
    Never thought that fairy tales came true..
    But they come true when Russell is in the HOUSE!!!!
    And He keeps growing Strong & Keep going on....
    Betcha By Golly Wow....lol

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    Russell, Felix Hernandez [[NY) just completed playing your version of "How Could I Let You Get Away".........simply marvelous!

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    Thanks Feliz. I really enjoyed recording that song.

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    Happy anniversary to florence[[sis) & russell[[brother-in-law). Wow 39 big ones

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    Happy Anniversary
    And Good Cheers
    Funny how times fly.
    Another year has come & gone.
    Happy Anniversary
    And Good Cheers
    May God continue to send the peace, joy and love your way forevermore.
    Again Happy Anniversary to the coolest couple in R & B.
    May there be many more to come...Maybe another hundred or two..lol
    Again Russ & Florence
    You are truly the best...And GOD made you....You & Your Music makes all of us "Feel Brand New".

    Luv U both
    Cuz & Michelle

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    Hello FRIENDS
    I AM BACK!!!!!!!
    Thanks to Ms Flo ,I am able to get back on the thread....
    PIANO MAN!!!!!!!!! Let the FUN BEGIN!!!!!

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    Thanks Cuz & Goomba

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    Happy Birthday to Yooouuu
    Happy Birthday to Yoooouu
    Happy Birthday to Ms. Flo
    Happy Birthday to Youuuuuuuu
    May God always continue to bless you with many many more.
    Luv U Cuz
    Hope you & Russ enjoy this wonderful & special day.
    Have that 1st drink on me
    Michelle & I will see you both this December.
    Again Happy Birthday to You

    Your #1 fan & cuz

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    Hey Ralph/SDF

    RATjr & TNS will be in San Fransico at the RRAZZO ROOM at the Hotel Nikko October 13 to October 17 - Here is the link. Hope you West Coast SFDers can make it

    Here is the link for the show in Oct

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    Damn...we missed, pal. I'll be in Detroit all of next week and don't return until the 17th. Thanks for the heads up and please keep me posted for future dates in my area.

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    Hey russell i'm listening to[sixteen bars]as i type this continued success to you!

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    Thanks arrr&bee. Sixteen Bars was a big hit in the UK and Japan. I still have it in the show.

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    RATjr & TNS are on the way. Hope to meet some of you West Coast SDFers in San Fransico at the RRAZZO ROOM at the Hotel Nikko October 13 to October 17. Hope you can make it.

    Here is the link for the show:


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    Hello SDF,

    RAT Jr & The New Stylistics received much love at the RRAZZO ROOM from our San Francisco friends. Thank you all. We love you!

    Here is a Review of the show in San Fran at the RRazz Room:

    Stop, look, listen to New Stylistics
    By: Leslie Katz
    Examiner Staff Writer
    October 15, 2010
    Philly soul: Jonathan Buckson, Russell Thompkins Jr. and Raymond Johnson are the New Stylistics. Russell Thompkins Jr. and the New Stylistics are appearing in The City in a show of old-school R&B at its most sublime.

    Backed by a smokin’ seven-piece band [[with horns!) and two smooth vocalists, the original lead singer of the Stylistics, his unmistakable falsetto intact and sweet as ever after four decades, is serving up classic 1970s Philadelphia soul at the Rrazz Room.

    Nicely, there’s little filler in the show. Background singer Raymond Johnson, also a member of the original Stylistics, takes a moment to introduce the band members, who each get a little solo. Under direction by keyboardist Kenny Thompson, they sound great, supporting Thompkins’ inimitable voice. [[Jonathan Buckson rounds out the vocal talent.)

    Elegantly and succinctly, the group pumps out tunes that defined an era. Here’s just a short list: "Stop, Look, Listen,” "You Are Everything,” "Break Up to Make Up," "Stone In Love With You" and “People Make the World Go Round.”

    Noting the room’s intimacy, Thompkins said it matched his favorite song of all the hits, “Betcha By Golly Wow.”

    Fans at Thursday’s performance swooned at their seats, feeling brand new upon hearing the great old Philly tunes, songs that haven’t gone out of style after so many years.

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    Hey russell,you guys[the stylistics]have always been very popular in washington,d.c.now i know you've played alot of venues so you may not remember the old[lowes palace theater]which was located in downtown d.c but i saw you guys there and you turned it out way back in the day[haha]i think your hit at that time was-stop-look-listen,you are one of the greats and the stylistics are legends,keep on keepin on!

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    I remember Lowe's Palace. We played there a lot back in the day. DC is one of my favorite towns.

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    For all who still thinks stylistics can sing listen to this

    It's a damm shame to hear this..I am embarrassed for them..I will say I am sorry for them,because they won"t say it.....

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    Do we really need this horrible sounding crap on this thread?

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    PianoMD, I think it is the worsted thing I have ever heard. When I seen it on line I thought I have to post it on here!!
    Herb's face makes me laugh when airon starts singing lol.
    To think that is on national TV, as a promo!!! Lol
    Hope you are all well and don't mind me commenting.

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    HEY SDF:

    Next Stop: Boston Mass

    Scullers #1 Jazz Club

    November 5-6, 2010
    Showtimes: 8pm & 10pm

    Scullers Jazz Club at the DoubleTree Guest Suites Boston
    400 Soldiers Road - Boston, MA 02134

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    Quote Originally Posted by PianoMD View Post
    It's a damm shame to hear this..I am embarrassed for them..I will say I am sorry for them,because they won"t say it.....
    Why are you so bitter? move on!

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    Hey Little Bro

    I don't know if you been on the other thread or not...but here goes....hehehehe

    Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday to You

    Enjoy this wonderful & special day little brother...LoL

    Cause another year has come & gone...
    As always may God continue to bless you with many many more
    Michelle & I love you
    Hope to see you soon!!!
    Again Happy Birthday to You
    your #1 Family & Cuz


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