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    Don Hatcher - bassist with Bettye LaVette & The Fun Company/100 Proof

    Bettye and I were talking about Don. No one seems to know what happened to him. A Wiki entry on 100 Proof has him deceased in 2005.
    I googled the hell out of him and all I could find was that he owes Stubass some money. That was from a thread on here in 2003.

    Anybody have any info on him?

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    Any relation to the other 'soul related' Hatcher's ??

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    i have no idea.

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    I didn't do it...but I would like my bass back...

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    I had mentioned your post from 2003 to bettye. She said that didn't sound like something Don would do. When did that happen?

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    Then I'd welcome Bettye to come up with the 200 bucks he owes me LOL...$250.00 for a Fender Jazz bass was pretty cheap. I took 50 bucks down as a favor because he told me he had a gig he needed it for. Always seemed like a cool guy to me, so I helped him out. Never heard from him again. seemed like a lot of money then...but all in all...a pretty cheap learning experience...Still, as I said...Don was a pretty nice guy, if not a great credit risk lol...

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    what year was this? None of the local cats know what happened to him?

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    I guess erly-mid 70's...maybe 74 when Don used to come to my place and jam...

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    Hello All,

    It's been 10 years since you all have posted, but I was looking to talk with anyone who knew Don Hatcher. Hope to hear from you all soon!


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