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    Please send your prayers for marvin junior, chuck barksdale & the dells!!!

    Hi Everyone, it's been awhile since my last visit & I hope to get to visit more often in the near-future. Unfortunately, I'm here to inform you of some bad news & I know that by now, there's been some talk abut this. So to eliminate any speculation & with prayer being so powerful, I was allowed to post this information

    I just received permission from a member of The Dells Family to post this information. Marvin Junior is very ill & is not expected to be with us for very much longer. Chuck Barksdale is also ill & is not doing very well.

    Usually, this news isn't made public & in the case of many, we learn what's going on only AFTER the passing of one of our beloved icons, as was the case with Johnny Carter.

    But in this case, The Dells are one of our most cherished, beloved & respected groups. As I've always said about them over at Soulfuldetroit.com, The Dells are nothing less than our NATIONAL TREASURES!

    And it's because of this great love & respect that we all share for The Dells, it was believed to be best to allow both Marvin Junior & Chuck Barksdale to receive their flowers right here & right now. I believe it best that both of them & their families know exactly how much we love these men & this group & to send up all every prayer for them as is humanly possible.

    If nothing more than that, let's show these men just how much we love them & give them the Facebook version of one big standing ovation. Please, pass this on to every Facebook friend that you have & any music forum that you belong to.

    These 2 men have added so much, not just musically, but also to the fabric of our lives. Some of us made babies to their music, some of us were conceived to their music. Whether in bad times or good, THE DELLS & their music was ALWAYS there either to make us dance when we were happy, to console us when we were sad or to simply say the words that we couldn't find a way to say when pursuing someone whom we were interested in, or even apologizing after we had screwed up.

    So please pass this along & help to give these giants one hell of a standing ovation while they're here with us & show them & their families that we're with them & that we support them at this very difficult time!

    Marvin Junior & Chuck Barksdale, my prayers are with you & may God bless you both!

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    Thanks for letting us know Juice. So sad. Indeed let's remember them and give them that ovation and thank them for their music, talent and longevity. My prayers are with Marvin, Chuck and their families.

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    Yesterday I copied across to 'SOUL SOURCE' the youtube clip of the Dells performing live on that US TV show back in 1972. Here are a few of the comments that people posted after watching the clip .

    The Dells, the BEST GROUP EVER (in a tie with the 60's Impressions, however these guys lasted forever, always together) ......THE DELLS..... back in their prime period when their vocal powers were at a peak .. ........ WOW, just pure magic ...... .... they put so much effort & emotion into their performance that it's breathtaking ......

    Absolutely magical - What a voice! Marvin at his roaring majestic best!

    Oh my! Shivers!!!!!

    Fantastic footage

    WOW! All X Factor contestants should be made to watch this *!! Blown me away

    .... pure magic live!!!!!! terrific stuff.

    1972, that was the year they brought out to me (and there's a lot to choose from) there finest album, "Sweet as funk can be" the title really doesn't tell the story, packed with shattering ballads, Marvin usually gets the plaudits, and I believe some of his finest moments are on this set, but Johnny Carter, for me one of the greatest singers ever, dovetails as he always did magnificently with Marvin, its a set I always go back to, and no disrespect to the others, but when you listen to Marvin and Johnny dipping and soaring on "Do what you gotta do babe" and "Just as long as we're in love" *its hard to put anything else on after, you just can't follow these guys, they are that good

    The love we had, I would say I play that record more than any other as others have said magical takes you to another world

    Wow, The Mighty mighty Dells Just Brilliant, Thanks For Bringing Back Memories Of Trentham Gardens (..... that was where they performed in the UK).

    Thanks...fantastico!!!!!! big brother took me aged 12 to see the Temptations in 1972: a major factor in my slippery slide into black music [though it had already started] a much slicker operation than the Dells but my what power the Chi-Town boys had. You can see how long they have been together with elements of doo-wop and gospel in the harmonies.*

    Fabulous clip, and for me they're rightly thought by many as the greatest group of them all. The holding of the note by Marvin Junior at 17.03 on "Stay In My Corner" is one of the greatest highlights of soul music*

    WHICH IS THE BEST WEBSITE TO POST UP OUR PRAISE FOR THE GROUP'S WORK DOWN THE YEARS and to let them know just how much joy their music has fetched into all our lives.
    We want our messages of homage to be seen by people close to the guys.
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    Juice as you know when I received the news, I was devastated. The Dells have been one of Chicago's( ok ...Harvey Illinois) finest exports to the World. They transformed the way we look at ourselves as Black men and set unparalleled standards in the history of R & B. Over the years we have shared many stories some personal, some anecdotal, yet all originating from the love and respect we have for this magnificent group. There is so much to say and so little time to say it. I will continue to pray for these men and their families. It is the least that I can do. All Hail, The Mighty Dells, I will continue to stand for them, because they have delivered in more ways than one.


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    I would not be the same without the music of The Dells. I wouldn't have had many of the most joyest moments of my life without soundtrack these beautiful cats added to my youth.
    I don't find myself praying for a lot these days but I am praying for Marvin and Chuck and their loved ones. The love we had STAYS on my mind....

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    Lifting up prayers for Marvin & Chuck & their families.

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    Marvin Junior & Chuck Barksdale and their families will be in my thoughts and prayers. When I posted the thread of their 1972 live performance on Soul Live, I knew Chuck was ill, but didn't know about Marvin Junior. They officially retired and performed their final concert at the Rock HOF last June.

    I've been told they will be inducted into the Doo Wop Hall of Fame of America in October of this year.

    They are without question one of the greatest vocal group harmony groups of all time. They deserve our prayers, our thanks for the superb music and our respect. I will never forget them and never stop playing their music. Long live The Mighty Dells in our hearts and minds.


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    From a career of highlights my favourite Dell moments include Wear It On Our Face, Stay In My Corner '68, I Touched A Dream and Passionate Breezes. But the two that particularly still make me tingle every time I hear them are the wonderful The Love We Had (Stays On My Mind) and It's All Up To You. Special moments from a unique group.

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    Thanx for posting.

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    Does anyone know what is wrong with them? Are they in hospital? I tried googling with no luck.

    Listening to them now. what a group...

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    I pray that whatever is ailing them that they recover. I pray that their families find strength and peace during this difficult time. The Dells were a part of the soundtrack of many lives. I wish Marvin and Chuck the best.


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    I remember when someone posted about Chuck dying a few weeks ago that turned out to be false.

    Prayers and condolences definitely going out to Chuck and Marvin. The Dells are legends.

    And a rare group since they withstood ALL of the odds faced against them and got through it with their talents, diverse adaptation to the changing musical scenes and their friendship. Similar to the Four Tops.

    Now like the Tops, they're slowly but surely peeling out of this Earth.

    Johnny Funches and Johnny Carter have been long gone. Chuck and Marvin would make it four and that leaves the McGill brothers and Verne Allison.

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