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    motown singles book?

    hey guys, can someone tell me the name of the book that has the info/details on the motown singles. i know we were talking about it and that it was released in UK and that a US version was coming. i cant find the info or the title. thanks

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    Its titled 'Tamla Motown -- the stories behind the UK singles' by Terry Wilson (Cherry Red Books).

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    I have it and thought it was quite interesting and informative; Mr. Wilson seems to be a musician of some sort who had musical knowledge that I do not have.

    But then I recall reading on here a post or some posts by other people that thought a lot of the conclusions he made were not well based.

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    I have the book and found the cross referencing a complete nightmare. There are also a number of basic research errors. It remains only partially read.

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    I couldn't read it in one sit down, from cover to cover. I often read it in the "mens room", a single at a time. I think it was Copley who may have commented on it before and it made me re-think what I was reading. I know there were a lot of references like one song containing the same chord progression or same notes as some other song - I think he may have suggested Stop in the Name of Love was similar to a Four Tops song and I raised my eyebrows at some of those suggestions. I don't know what I think of it for sure anymore; there were some great facts; and it did have a UK slant which made it very different from an American based chart book. But I did start to wonder if this was wingy dream, one of those delusional flights that a fan can go on...........you know, like where they pretend Mary Wilson sold as many records as Beyonce and appeared in Central Park and her range was Aretha's and she sounded better than Aretha..........that kind of zooming.

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    thanks for the info and input. im hoping for a US version, i think!


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