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Thread: Checking In!

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    Checking In!

    Oldies checking into the new forum. Do we still have a Clubhouse?

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    Welcome Oldies!

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    Snakepit checking in, finally

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    ...glad you found your way in here Snake

    ...and 'Hello' [[again) to all SDF buddies ...old and new

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    I'm in too....but I'm a bit sad that I lose my identity. People won't know who I am!

    Is that good or bad?

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    The posts go through ever so quickly.

    What are those symbols above about please? Can we post pictures now? And where's the spelling checker...hopefully it recognises Velvelettes!

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    hi Grape

    i've set my colour scheme to red2 ...very cool

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    Lobo the test dummie checking in. We will get this shaped up in a few weeks. Right now our main concern is getting everybody's logins reestablished.

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    Am I in or out? Not sure what I'm doing...

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    Grapevine checking in...

    ...very odd ...strange ...and new

    ...I expect I'll get used to it

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldiesmusicfan View Post
    Oldies checking into the new forum. Do we still have a Clubhouse?
    The clubhouse is still here!

    The symbols above are for editing your text and adding images and videos. You can quote people and add hyperlinks. You can use various fonts, too!

    Note the little triangle on the bottom of posts. Thats so you can report bad posts! If someone annoys you or harasses you, you can use the ignore feature located in your preferences.

    Once they turn on the avatar feature, you can bet your last dollar it's all gonna be a stone gas, honey!

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    In the upper right-hand corner, you can choose even more options for viewing and searching.

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    Checking in from Portland OR

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    It feels ever so strange but it looks nice. I'm sure that I'll get used to it.

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    Just a slight struggle, I'll confess ... but, well, I seem to be here. Looks nice.

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    I'm here. I think I might get used to this.

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    Hi there, all... looking forward to what features the new version of the forum will have to offer! :-)

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    I'm here, too, checking in. I hope they activate the Avatar feature soon, so y'all can see my smiling white-bearded, but handsome, face on my every post.

    By rob_k at 2010-08-03
    Last edited by robb_k; 08-03-2010 at 10:12 PM.

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    Better colours and layout - quicker to post - this looks cool

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    motownmorph here at long last!!! lol!


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    this is Weldon A Mc Dougal III

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    I'm here now as well [[though I've spent the last 30 minutes on the old SDF replying to John Lester's question about Gaslight).

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    Hi this is Kev-Lo

    I'm here, but how come my forum name don't come up

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    padlock1 Guest
    i changed my name -ha!

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    Hi all

    I've made it!

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    francis t signing in.
    I am sure the new site colour will grow on me, but I prefer the black version.
    Technical question.Can I change my user name not to include the underdash _.My trusty old laptop has a problem with them, and I do not think the old forum had a _ between the name ?

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    Juice has broken on through from the other side.

    Remember guys, this is not necessarily how things will look forever. Right now, Lowell, Ralph & Lobo's most urgent priority is getting our 2,000+ membership transferred over here. Just looking at a few of the responses is to recognize that this is a most daunting task for some. Forgotten passwords, defunct, outdated or forgotten e-mail addys [[netscape, anyone?) come into play here.

    Lowell, Ralph & all of our moderators have always been pretty good at listening to our suggestions & making us as comfortable as such a diverse group of members could ever hope to be.

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    douglasm here.....

    The Doug Morgan handle was an air name I used in Jackson at WIBM/WBBC-FM 40+ years ago. Seemed easier to re register.

    I've got no real problem with the new forum's look, and it is markedly faster. As to those people who are encountering bugs or problems, it was the same when DetroitYes across the hall switched. I didn't like the new forum, but after a week or so I got used to it and now roam around without any problem.
    Last edited by Doug-Morgan; 08-04-2010 at 09:46 PM.


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