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    Hot Biscuit Disc Co (Jimmy Wisner, etc.)

    Can anyone tell me much about this New York based record label.
    The label had its best successes in the mid 1970's (when it was distributed by Capitol Records) with artists such as Timothy Carr ........
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    But the 45 label logo states that the label was established in 1967 ....
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    ... and this photo from March 1968 shows the Hot Biscuit execs hosting a launch for Baltimore area radio jocks / programme directors, so they must have been releasing stuff back in the 60's.
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    They were employing the likes of Jimmy Wisner in the 70's, so must have had some sort of profile by then.
    But apart from a few 45 releases, I can't find out anything about the company at all.

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    I think it was active in the late '60s...don't know of any '70s releases on the label.

    That Timothy Carr record is pretty good...the song was done by quite a few acts. I also like the Epic Splendor record, "A Little Rain Must Fall", which is a nice beach music styled record.



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    Hot Biscuit existed for less than a year - the first release was in Nov 1967 the last in June 1968.

    HB 1450 THE EPIC SPLENDOR (11/67)


    HB 1452 THE EPIC SPLENDOR (02/68)

    HB 1453 THE MAGIC FLEET (03/68)

    HB 1454 TIMOTHY CARR (04/68)

    HB 1455 THE COLLECTION (05/68)

    HB 1456 TIMOTHY CARR (06/68)

    there were two albums

    ST-9100 BENNY GORDON and THE SOUL BROTHERS - "Tighten Up" June 1968

    ST-9101 LIBBY TITUS - "Libby Titus"

    Most of the artists were from Philadelphia except for Benny Gordon, Libby Titus and Joe Richardson.

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    Davie, what's the title of the other Timothy Carr record (#1456)?



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    Here it is Mark .....
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    Thanks, John!




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