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    supreme_lady Guest

    Evan Ross lastest TV interviewing showing off his Diana & Michael tatoo.

    I found latest interview with Evan, just click on this link and you find video on right corner:


    I like his tatoo with Diana, he must have just had it done as I have never noticed it before, how sweet. He's also
    got a tatoo of Michael Jackson on the same arm, how interesting.

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    I personally am not a big fan of tatoos, but I can understand them...as people like to have things that are a part of their life on their body...things that have meaning.

    Thanks for posting this, supremelady. He has some of his mother's mannerisms.

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    Supreme Lady,
    Thanks for posting this I had not seen this before. Interesting that they (Diana, Ross and Evan) went back to the site where their dad died to find closure. I like to think back when I was 22 and I see this kid and think wow Kids grow up and mature so quick now. Diana did a great job with her babies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by captainjames View Post
    Diana did a great job with her babies.
    Indeed she has. Thanks for the link Supreme Lady, I had not seen this interview.

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    Thanks Supreme Lady. I've never seen Evan speak before and it was interesting; he seems like a very decent young man.


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