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Thread: Rip dee harvey

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    Rip dee harvey

    I'm still trying to solidly confirm it, but colleagues at other Memphis radio stations are reporting the death of Memphis born singer Dee Harvey, who recorded Just As I Am and got it released through Motown. He is known for his soul classic Leave Well Enough Alone. Dee was also the singing voice of Choirboy, the character played by Tico Wells in the film The Five Heartbeats. I'm shocked. Dee had been on my mind all day. I knew he had been ill. We played "Leave Well Enough..." earlier in the day.

    There's some mention of his death in the comments:
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    Kam, I couldn't find anything in the places I usually check for news like this. Weird. I hope it's a

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    Quote Originally Posted by splanky View Post
    Kam, I couldn't find anything in the places I usually check for news like this. Weird. I hope it's a
    I've not found any solid confirmation either; Nothing in the Commercial Appeal, nothing on the local television news. The only thing I saw about Dee's alleged death was on YouTube. And that ain't reliable.
    l don't want to call Dee's family here especially if it's a mistake.
    Supposedly, it was reported on local radio. My brother
    called me and told me. I've told him to never listen to local radio and gather bits of news and just run with it. But he couldn't give me any details when I called and asked him for confirmation. He knows better because he comes from a news family.
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    Hope its not true ................
    I have his Motown stuff but not these later tracks ............
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZRqfji5E_E (I’ll Be Waiting” .... a great track ruined by the rap section)

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    Sadly it is true. The obit ran about a day ago. I don't understand why it was so late and so small.

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