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    "Happy Birthday" SITSOM

    I really don't know if it means alot in the grand scheme of things....although I've always had the feeling that SDF started up in reaction to the film production......but "Standing In The Shadows Of Motown" celebrates it's 10th "birthday" today. The initial release date of the film was 11-15-02.

    What a long, strange trip it's been......

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    And I remember how thrilled I was to see it as it first screened in New York like it was yesterday! It does mean a lot in the grand scheme, Doug. It was a story long overdue and it
    was important and special to finally see the Funk Bros get their props while most of them were still on this plane...I have in on DVD and I plan to watch it again this weekend. Funny, I was thinking about it when someone questioned the capabilities of Joan Osbourne on the forum recently. She gave it up nicely in that film as did others ....

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    Hi Doug, as Splanky wrote, yes, it is a big thing! This movie was the reason I started lurking around this forum and learned more than I could imagine.

    When it was released in the Netherlands I went to the cinema twice, still have amazing, wonderful and warm memories about this. Offcourse I have the DVD and I show it a lot to friends and newcomers to Motown music.

    A few years later the Funk Brothers went on tour, I have met them, shook their hands and have their signed picture hanging in my hall. A shadow that hangs over that is that too many have passed away now.


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