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    "Nightflight" Tue Sept 21, 9P-12M ET: HARRY WEINGER LIVE! Special Preview of the....

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    Special Preview of the Tammi Terrell Complete Solo Collection "Come On and See Me" with compilation producer Harry Weinger LIVE...on the heels of the Tammi Terrell episode of "Unsung" on TVone!

    Folks....hello! Tonight...I am more than excited to have the privilege of airing some of the remarkable and rare tracks from the new Tammi Terrell Collection of Hip-O Select. And if that's not enough, I am equally excited and pleased to have on "Nightflight...live...2 time Grammy Award winner and Vice President of A&R for Universal Music Enterprises...Harry Weinger. Harry is the producer of this Tammi compilation and it's clearly been a labor of love for him. So rather than go on and on...let me just say...
    join me tonight for a chat with Harry Weinger about the new Tammi Terrell collection and a show filled with Tammi tracks (rare and loved)...on "Nightflight" ...on WOMR 92.1 FM Provincetown and streaming live worldwide in digital stereo at www.womr.org
    And tonight....please...no calls.

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    Andante Louvain Demps with Harry Weinger

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    Last night's "Unsung" episode on Tammi Terrell was very well done. The approach was no-holds-barred but respectful. I learned a lot and got a better understanding of why some of the myths of Tammi's life persist. So much triumph and so much tragedy in such a short life. She had the potential to be an enduring superstar, but sadly that was not to be. But she did leave us a legacy of music that (has and) will endure.
    I'm very happy that we well be celebrating that legacy tonight in anticipation (it's killing me! LOL) of the release of this fitting and deserved tribute to Tammi Terrell. Looking forward to the show, John, and especially to your interview with Harry Weinger. Thanks to Harry and everyone else who made this important release happen.

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    What a coup!!!

    Can you sneak in a question about the Scherrie Payne years while discussing Tammi?

    Hope you are well.


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    Excellent John. HERO HERO...............I'm very impressed.

    I dont think I'm going to be home early enough to hear this. Is any of it archived yet or can we find it later??

    Well done; I can see some jealous people over this, can't you!

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    RossHolloway Guest
    Ok, I've just cancelled my evening plans to listen to this show. What a great "get" Midnight. Can we feed you questions to ask the great HW?

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    Hi John, is the time difference with the UK 5 hrs behind?

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    I'm most appreciative to Harry spending time with us chatting about the Tammi collection. It means so very much to be a small part of this great thing that Harry and Universal are doing to give Tammi the recognition and honor that she deserves.
    Tammi has meant so much to me, as a Tammi AND a Motown fan, the way I know she has meant a lot to you all. I hope you will listen in tonight to hear what Harry has chosen to share with us, and to hear him talk about this very special collection.

    The show is 5 hours difference from the U.K.....9PM-12M ET is 2AM-5AM U.K. TIME (I think).

    Tonight, I think we're going to talk mostly about Tammi and the collection...but maybe Harry will come back and talk about some of the other very special UME and Hip-O Motown collections that have been and are going to be released. ANd at that time maybe he'll do a question and answer session. I'll beg him. There is no way at this time to archive the show (through WOMR), sadly.

    Thanks, guys for your interest....(and thanks Harry)!
    See ya later I hope!

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    Thanks John.

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    OMG what a wonderful surprise Johnny! I will be tuned in for sure tonight.

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    Hi John, I'm off to bed having set my pc to record the show. It will be a rare treat that I can dip in and out of all day.

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    Will be listening intently MJ. Have a GREAT show!

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    Thanks so much, guys....it is great to have you there....and with me here!

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    MissLish Guest
    Whoo-hoo!!! Got it!!!

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    RossHolloway Guest
    It's cocktail hour here in Atlanta and I'm cooking and listening. And where did you find that Gordy T-shirt that's shown on the WOMR website?

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    MissLish Guest
    Midnight Johnny sounding all smexy and stuff!

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    MissLish Guest
    Whoo-hoo! Hey hey Mr. Weinger!!

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    Hi John,
    First two songs were great!
    Motown Steve

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    MissLish Guest
    Also, may I add that this is a real treat for me. While I have always admired Tammi's talents, I didn't know much about her beyond the Marvin duets; so, this is a real treat for me to get to know her better. I am already in love with the first song you are playing. Thank you, Johnny; Thank you, Mr. Weinger!

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    MissLish Guest
    We are here for you baby! LOL!

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    Hip s-select has some shirts.
    Motown Steve

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    Is that The Shirelles on background?

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    MissLish Guest
    Nice dodge, Mr. Weinger; however, Miss Lish strongly suspects that the answer to the question about getting sick of Motown, could very well be a resounding, "Yes!" LOL!

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    Hey folks....thanks for being there!

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    RossHolloway Guest
    Midnight Johnny. I've got a question for HW. Could you ask him if there are any plans to release the other live recordings from the Motown Mondays? Either by traditional cd or thru i-tunes. A cool box set would be intersting or a "Live from Detroit" collection would be interesting and include other one-off live performance from lesser known artists. And if there are plans to utilize i-tunes more to do more releases. (ie. Workshop Jazz)

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    I am unable to get connected to the live broadcast. Sad. I have tried all of the options.

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    MissLish Guest
    Discovering Tammi this evening, while I have always heard similarities in her's and Miss Ross's voices, i.e., sexy cooing quality and similar textures on certain notes; what is indisputable is that both she and Miss Ross always brought their A game to whatever endeavor they took on. I am very impressed.

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    "Beware" and "It's A Long Time" are both excellent recordings!!

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    Thanks John and Thanks Harry. Loved that song just now by Tammi.


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    RossHolloway Guest
    Midnight J- I will name my first born after you! Thanks for asking HW my question and following up with a Brenda Holloway question. I love Brenda Holloway...hence the name RossHOLLOWAY. Who do I need to service or sell my soul to to get the Motown Mondays or the Live Brenda Holloway set released?

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    Sadly I missed so much of the show, but so glad to be listening now. This is fabulous. Harry, John and Tammi... Irresistible.

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    RossHolloway Guest
    Do we know who's singing background on Tammi's live set?

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    Tammi Live! What a gift! She sounds great! Oh man!

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    MissLish Guest
    Excellent, excellent! The live tracks were too delicious! Well done, Tammi, Johnny Midnight and Henry Weinger!!

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    Well I made it for the last 30 seconds!

    So is it Tammi Terrell for one more hour?

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    Sounds just like the voices on the released studio version- likely The Spinners.
    Last edited by pj1; 09-21-2010 at 11:02 PM.

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    Fantastic! I felt like I was right there at Tammi's live show. THANKS for the time (and space) machine!

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    I am just wild about Harry! LOL! Thank you Harry for sharing your insights and stories, it was fascinating. Glad to hear you will be coming back to share more. Thanks again, especially for the Tammi set.

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    Forgot to say that the reason we got energized and produced the set this year: Tammi would have been 65 this past April and it is the 40th anniversary of her passing. Much love to her family, and thanks JP. (P.S. Come on, that was Ivy Jo peeking in at the end of the unreleased song.)

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    MissLish Guest
    I bet my toes are the only ones dancing a jig to this tune currently playing! LOL! Now that is Motown peeps!! Two CAN have a party!

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    I second that emotion Soph! Harry! Thank you so much for sharing your time with us tonight and for the preview of the Tammi
    set. I can hardly wait to get my copy.

    Awesome show tonight Johnny

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    When you are in Chicago don't forget deep dish pizza and Chicago hot dogs.
    Motown Steve

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    MissLish Guest
    Smexy = sexy & smart. LOL!

    Great show tonight, BTW! Loved it ALL!!

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    LOL............I figured that out on my own. Are you calling John smart and sexy?

    John, you sound like a lot of fun when you are giddy.

    Have we already played Hold Me Oh My Darling or If This World Were Mine?

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    MissLish......a big kiss to you! Thanks!

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    Great Song. Love it by the Temptations also.

    Motown Steve

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    Thanks a lot, John! I must finally go to bed now, it's ten to six AM now in Holland...
    Harry was withholding a few things, didn't you notice...? ;-))

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    Wow! What a show, huh John? Or as you say Oyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Thanks everybody:-)

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    RossHolloway Guest
    What an awesom shoe Midnight Johnny! Thanks for keep the Motown Flame burning. Would love to hear HW's take on the whole Tammi-Valerie mystery and the tie in with i-Tunes.

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    Have just finished listening to the show. Thanks for having Harry on & for premiering some of the unreleased tracks.


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