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    roz and annette tell the vandellas story


    I thought that members might like to look at and listen to Annette Helton and Roz Holmes, the original Vandellas, tell their own version of history for a change. They tell the story of how the Del Phis came into existence and also their version of how the Vandellas name came about.
    It is interesting to hear the Vandellas side of the group history.

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    Interesting. I wonder why they couldn't get the cameras closer to them though lol

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    topdiva1 Guest
    I wonder what Martha Reeves thinks of this.

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    the way this is crudely edited loses some credibility.

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    I wonder what happen to Gloria who was the original Lead.

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    ^ Gloria left show business shortly after Motown signed them. According to band mates, she left for public service. She figured it was a better job than a show business career.

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    I enjoyed the part about how they feel about their part in the Motown Story and how they feel warm and happy about it.

    I wish they would have shown their faces and done the interview like most interviews are done instead of how they did the PBS Show hiding some of the Marvelettes faces.

    And interesting how the only lead singer the public ever knew wasn't the original lead singer. Man, how many times have we heard that story? It's a bit of a stuck record.

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    And I thought Martha had been a member of the Del-Phis since '57, she actually joined when two singers left, which was around '60. LOL

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    smark21 Guest
    Did Roz or Annette (or for that matter, Betty, Lois or Sandy) ever get to sing even a lead line on a Vandellas song? I know Rosalind got to sing a couple of little lead bits when she subbed for Wanda Young on Silly Boy by The Marvelettes.

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    topdiva1 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by midnightman View Post
    And I thought Martha had been a member of the Del-Phis since '57, she actually joined when two singers left, which was around '60. LOL

    I am learning a lot her - Thanks!!!

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    Gloria Williamson passed away just a few years ago. There is a picture of her with the original group in the thread "My Motown" pics.


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