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    Thanks for listening, you really caught me off guard,since I didn't have time to post it here.

    I had about a hour to get my selections together,at such a short notice. The version of "You're My Everything" was from the 3 record anthology set from 1973. (you have some good ears,to notice the different mix )

    I've been checking out George's show for a while,so I just put my own spin to what he would do. I too was surprised that he wasn't hipped to the Maze cut,but then again,that's one they don't play on the radio anymore,so ..

    Michelle is a great co-host,miscues and all. Talk about a luck of the draw,with the Miracles "I Love You Secretly." I knew I had the deluxe edition of Marvin's "Let's Get It On" with me,but it didn't occur to me that it was on the CD,until I picked it up. (lol) (talking about having too much music,and not even knowing what you have)

    Thanks again bro,and I wasn't even prepared to spin last night,at such a short notice. (lol)

    It was fun.

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    "News From the Service Entrance" today from 2-4pm (cst).

    Later tonight, it's "The Dusties Party" with PJ Willis. 9pm-midnight (cst)

    http://whpk.org and iTunes

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    Here's today's show. Mario spoke very highly of SDF. (take a listen)

    http://whpk.org/temp/201009301330.mp3 (part 1)

    http://whpk.org/temp/201009301440.mp3 (part 2)

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    Here's PJ's show from last night. For the people in Chicago, PJ mentioned the Peabody Records get together we're doing on October 23rd. It will be called the Soul Legends Reunion. Ruby Andrews_Lester,Jan Bradley,Marvin Smith (from the Artistics) JoAnn Garrett,and a "surprise guest". If you're on Facebook,I just created a event announcement.
    We hope to see you at this event. (this will probably be the last event we will do,for a while)


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    "News From the Service Entrance" with Mario and myself. 2-4pm (cst)

    Later tonight,it's "The Dusties Party", with yours truly. 9pm-midnight (cst)

    http://whpk.org and iTunes

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    Here's the show from earlier this afternoon. We had a guest,Dr. E from The Ohio State University. You really need to hear her very interesting story.


    I will post tonight's dusties show tomorrow morning.
    Last edited by GeeTee(HPK); 10-14-2010 at 08:25 PM.

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    Dr. E was, indeed, quite interesting. Y'all had me LMAO, though, re: Morgan Freeman! You guys are SICK...lol

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    I'm glad you were able to listen to the show this afternoon,and Dr. E's story.
    Morgan Freeman (what can I say)

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    Here's last night's Dusties show. I want to thank a few SDF people,for listening last night.


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    what's up gee? i'm checking you out now! kicking it off with my jam pain by the ohio players.

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    Right on, CM ! Thanks for checking out the podcast !

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    Mario and I will have a interesting show this afternoon. 2-4pm (cst)

    "Dusties Party" tonight with King George and Michelle Thompson 9pm - midnight (cst)

    http://whpk.org and iTunes

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    NFTSE was, indeed, interesting today (as always) As long as the Lord is willing and there's no major catastrophe on CTA, I'll see you guys (and gals) on Saturday.

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    Thanks for listening,as always .
    Here's this afternoon show. (if anyone is interested in listening)

    I will post the event about Saturday in a separate thread.

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    Oh,do we have a show for you this afternoon on "News From the Service Entrance." Tune in this afternoon from 2-4pm (cst) (and yes, there will be a "How Much Is Too Much" moment)

    Tonight on "The Dusties Party", PJ Willis will do something in the history of WHPK, that's never been done before. He's going to play 75 songs in a roll , in a 3 hour time frame. (with no interruptions) If you think he can't pull it off, tune in tonight. 9pm-midnight (cst)

    http://whpk.org and iTunes

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    Oh, I'll bet that NFTSE will be hot today, for real....LOL If I can't tune in "live", you know I'll get the podcast Maybe, Tyrone will check in with some commentary? Will try and tune in to PJ, too.


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    Now you know,Tyrone is going to find a way to call in. If you listen live to the show, cool. If not,the podcast will be up later this afternoon.

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    G., you probably have your "How Much Is Too Much?" topic set for today. But, if you haven't already done so & you get a chance, check out that local story about the guy they caught stealing the parking meter units. His mug/story is in today's Sun-Times. He has a drug habit, and that's allegedly why he said he was stealing the units. And, as it was reported, when the police pulled him over on Monday, dude told them, "I dropped my crack pipe." Lord, these headlines create themselves...LOL

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    Cat, I do have my "How Much Is Too Much" segment already prepared,but I did hear about the the guy that stole the parking meters. :-) (funny story and yes, I saw his photo)

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    G., thanks...I see that you mentioned the story on the show. Again, great pledge pitch from Mario...LOL And, as young Tyrone would say, BIG UP'S for calling out "AlphonseSingsSmokey" on the air...Right on!

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    I couldn't let that story go by,since I was able to read the entire story. Mario has a way with words.

    I couldn't let that fake Smokey wanna be not get his 5 minutes of shame on our show. (lol)


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    PJ managed to play 75 songs,in less than 3 hours last night. (2 hours and 45 minutes to be exact)

    If you missed the show last night,take a listen. (and he was able to raise $140.00 in pledges)


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    Today on "NFTSE," the aftermath from Tuesday's election. Plus music,news,your calls and "How Much Is Too Much."
    2-4pm (cst)

    Tonight on the "Dusties Party," Andy will bring it home,during our last week of our pledge drive. 9pm-midnight (cst)

    http://whpk.org and iTunes

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    This afternoon on "News From the Service Entrance," we will have a very entertaining conversation (to say the least ) with attorney Sam Adams Jr. (Blago, R. Kelly need I say more ?) Plus, music,news,"How Much Is Too Much" and etc;

    2-4pm (cst)

    Tonight on "The Dusties Party", I have some nice selections picked out,and you are cordially invited .

    9pm-midnight (cst)

    http://whpk.org and iTunes

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    Crazy and extended show today. We couldn't get Sam Adams Jr today,but we will have him on in the near future.
    (I'll post the MP3 later)

    I'll talk with you later tonight. 9pm (cst)
    http:/whpk.org and iTunes

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    Wow...What an afternoon (and evening), listening to WHPK! G. (or, should I say, "Killer"), you (and Mario) brought so much music and merriment into my day...I thank you profusely! And, on this Dusties show, you just showed OUT...LOL! What a way to close out the show...Still fanning myself...LOL People, y'all don't know what you're missing. Get the podcasts And, Dyva Naye, it was a blast, listening to the radio with you tonight!


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    hey gee, i missed it! i called myself taking a short nap and well, here i am! lol. i will catch the podcast, after reading catwoman review, i really can't wait to hear it now!

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    LOL Cat ! Thank you,Dyva Naye and whoever else that caught the show from last night. CM and anyone else that missed the show,and would like to take a listen .... http://whpk.org/temp/201011112100.mp3 Thanks !

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    I am downloading the podcast, as I write this...It's (yet) another keeper. Now, can you blame me for having to fan myself, after you played those last two stank-funky KILLER CUTS in a row?...LOL Ooh, Charlie! Dyva Naye was havin' a fit, too Let me also give you big UP's for the preview of the Jimi anthology...One way, or the other, I'm gonna get my own copy before Christmas

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    I'm glad you enjoyed the show. (the "Dusties Party" FB comments from you and DyvaNaye are hilarious! LOL!)

    I don't know if any other stations (commercial or non-commercial) will play anything from the box set CD, I figure I'll mention it. (especially the earlier R&B/soul recordings before 1967) Plus, it was my way to do a early b-day musical tribute. (11/27/42)

    Now you know what to expect in the last hour. lol (I got caught in the groove)

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    Excellent show and as we were taught ..........."It's what's in the groove that counts"! ...

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    Thanks and good morning !

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    check u out now, bro! get up and get down!

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    Thanks CM !

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    good stuff there brother gee! u turned me on to a few joints i haven't heard of:
    the classic sullivans - i thought that was curtis too! lol
    i also like that ronnie dyson cut and that early isley/jimmi cut, move over. that sounds like jimmi's style of singing.also loved keep on doin, u know i played the grunt on my show last week, but couldn't find my isleys, so i went with get into something.
    and u know i love those heartaches, we were talking about that a month ago.
    i'll be checking for ya dec. 9th!

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    Thanks CM ! I wanted to play "Keep On Doin'" and "The Grunt" back to back for quite some time, and finally got around to it. Ronnie Dyson in my opinion, is a forgotten voice in soul music. What else can I say about Mr. Excitement ? (JW)

    Getting my selections together for Dec 9th. (the last Dusties show for 2010)

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    Cool... Hey, G., are you guys doing any James Brown spotlights/specials next month, given that JB passed away on Christmas?

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    Ok , I had a busy weekend, so Im 'Naye*Naye come lately' to the conversation...lol...

    It was a great show and GEE showed out. I like shows like that so I can remember what I have and go searching for what I dont. Deb - it was fun wasnt it? We will chill again.

    *DJ Killer Gee,, The FUNKERTIZER*...thanks for the music, guy....

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    If all goes well, I would like to a James Brown special as a "focus show" on Christmas Eve. (I'll keep you posted)

    Thanks Naye for listening,and I hope you had a great weekend ! Next month's show should be a lot of fun,and a great way to close out the year.

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    Even though today is a holiday for many, WHPK never shut it's doors. Mario and myself will be on this afternoon from 1:30-4pm (cst).

    Later tonight on "The Dusties Party," King George and Michelle will be doing their annual Christmas show,on Thanksgiving night.

    Playing all of your favorites from Motown,Donny Hathaway,Eartha Kitt,and the Impressions Christmas CD from last year. Get in the spirit with King George and Michelle, 9pm-midnight (cst) on http://whpk.org and iTunes.

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    If you're in the mood for some blues,with a mixture of soul/r&b,then listen to my friend PJ Willis. 7pm-midnight (cst) tonight on http://whpk.org and iTunes. 1 (773) 702-8424 (request line #)

    You can call and wish him a Happy belated birthday, if you like. (11/25 Thanksgiving Day)

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeeTee(HPK) View Post
    If you're in the mood for some blues,with a mixture of soul/r&b,then listen to my friend PJ Willis. 7pm-midnight (cst) tonight on http://whpk.org and iTunes. 1 (773) 702-8424 (request line #)

    You can call and wish him a Happy belated birthday, if you like. (11/25 Thanksgiving Day)
    Gee, Do you have the MP3 of that show? You know I fell asleep after all that T-Day drama... Much obliged.....

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    Sorry Naye, no MP3 available for PJ's show from Saturday.

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    NFTSE w/ Mario and Gary (we're still working on today's show,just tune in) 2-4pm (cst)

    Dusties Party tonight w/ Andy 9pm-midnight (cst)

    http://whpk.org and iTunes

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    NFTSE this afternoon. 2-4pm (cst) (and we should be safe from the paint fumes) lol

    Tonight on "The Dusties Party," I will do my final show for 2010, with The 45 show. I picked up quite a bit of 45s this week,and I'm ready to take you back ! Forgotten hits,B-sides,double play on a few artists,etc;

    9pm-midnight (cst) http://whpk.org and iTunes.

    The podcast link will be posted in the morning,if you're unable to listen to the show tonight.

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    Good call bro me !

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    I'm ready to bring it to the people !

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    i'm on now, better late than never!

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    I'll post the MP3 once it's avavilable,so you can hear whatever you missed.
    (by the way,did you hear your Jackie Wilson cut ?)

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    Great show man.........I noticed the breaks/promo's (few as they were) had a sort of Herb Kent/Richard Pegue feel to them....brother your show last night was what I'd call vintage........


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